PHOTOS: Married Teacher Does the Unthinkable With Young Student… for FIVE MONTHS

PHOTOS: Married Teacher Does the Unthinkable With Young Student… for FIVE MONTHS

Another day, another teacher who can’t seem to behave herself with minors. Geez… it’s an epidemic out there. A married middle school English teacher, who is 28, decided what she really needed was an affair with a 14 year-old student. She turned herself in this week after being indicted on 29… count em… 29 counts of sexual contact with this kid. She carried this on with him for five months. She resigned a day after getting caught last July sending the boy four images of herself in compromising positions. Her husband is a coach at a nearby high school and she has a young daughter. She has a wonderful family, but just couldn’t help herself. Now, her career is over, she’s facing jail time and her marriage is probably done for.


From the Daily Mail:

A married middle school teacher turned herself into authorities on Wednesday after being indicted on 29 counts stemming from her relationship with a student.

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Serena Rae Milan, 28, has been charged with statutory rape by an authority figure, solicitation of a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual activity involving a minor for allegedly sending and receiving explicit photos and engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old student.

Milan was an English intervention teacher at Northwest Middle School in Knoxville, Tennessee when these incidents allegedly took place.

Her husband Brian is a football coach at a nearby high school and the couple has a young daughter.

Knoxville News Sentinel reports that Milan resigned from her job this past July, one day after she allegedly sent the boy four images of herself involved in ‘sexual activity.’

She reportedly send the boy 17 of these images over the five months, while also soliciting him to send images of himself engaged in sex acts.

Milan had supervisory power over the student at the time of the alleged offenses according to charging documents.

Questions have also been raised as to whether or not the Knox County Schools System was aware of the alleged relationship prior to Milan’s resignation.

At the time Morris said she was leaving her post ‘due to circumstances I can’t explain right now.’

Defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs, who is representing Milan, said she ‘is a recent college graduate who intends to accept responsibility for her actions while a teacher in the Knox County Schools system and continues to have strong family support.’

A spokeswoman for the Knox County Schools System would not comment on the charges.

This happened in Knoxville, Tennessee. The school has no comment. I’ll bet. They say the school may actually have known something was going on before it all blew up. The teacher sent the 17 explicit images over five months and asked him to do the same. The boy is half her age. It doesn’t say here that they slept together, but that’s a pretty safe bet. She’s being charged with statutory rape and will wind up on a sex offender’s list for the rest of her life. They are charging her with six separate felony counts for specific sexual encounters, with each of those counts carrying a penalty range of three to six years. She is accused in one count of repeatedly engaging the boy in the production of sexually explicit images during the five-month period cited in the presentment with some of those photographs taken at the school. She is charged with five felony counts of soliciting the boy to send her images of himself engaged in sex acts in July. Each of those charges carry penalty ranges of two to four years. There are 17 charges alleging Milan sent the teenager images of herself engaged in “sexual activity,” in the month of July with four of those images sent to the boy one day before she resigned. Those counts carry penalty ranges of one to two years each. She resigned via email. How appropriate. I bet they’ll throw the book at her over this. She absolutely belongs in jail.



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