PHOTOS: Teen Model Sells Her Virginity for MILLIONS!

PHOTOS: Teen Model Sells Her Virginity for MILLIONS!

For one beautiful American women, her own virginity now has a market price.

WARNING: NSFW photos below!

Giselle is a 19 year-old woman selling her virginity on the website Cinderella Escorts and the bidding has reached well over 2.5 million euros. Giselle has called it a “dream come true” and said that the trend of selling your own virginity is a “form of emancipation” and she expressed shock that people are “against allowing a woman to sell her virginity.” She said that it was her own idea to auction off her virginity and decided to use the website, which takes a 20% commission, so she could do so safely and with security tagging along on her escapade.

“If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision.”

The winning bidder has not been publicly named, but he is reportedly a businessman from Abu Dhabi.

Right now, the Cinderella Escorts website is under so much traffic that it’s barely loading, so we grabbed some photos and information to post here for you. The site is run by a 27 year-old in his bedroom from Germany who said that there is a demand for virgins.

The website boasts that they have been written up in the New York Post, Forbes Magazine (‘Hollywood Stars booking on Cinderella Escorts’) and the Daily Mirror. They claim that the virgins they are “selling” are “100% real Virgins.” I’m sure there’s a medical exam that prospective buyers can demand and maybe it’s just the fact that this is translated from German, but the language just seems so¬†uncomfortable. Pure 100% virgins, as if women are olive oil.

Furthermore they say that their escorts include porn stars and models and it can cost up to $100,000 per night, while the “verified virgins” go for millions of dollars. They offer the extra service of helicopters and private jets to help you “fly out your favorite girl.” Oh, and luxury cars too. Can’t have your $100,000 a night prostitute show up in an Uber, I guess.

Okay, here’s your last warning. The photo after this one is racy.

The site boasts that they have women from all over the world and most of the women listed seem to be between 21 and 24.

Even though the site isn’t loading very well, I can’t shake the comparison that this site looks like the online stores that advertise livestock or purebred animals, showing ages, locations and attributes. Only these girls are real people with the right to vote and own property.

Last December we wrote about a Romanian woman, who at 18 auctioned her virginity on the same website, saying that she is poor and can use the money to study and buy her parents a nice house. At the time, her parents, including her police officer father were furious at her plan, threatening to disown her if she “goes ahead with selling herself.” Her uncle explained to media that it’s “a terrible situation” and that he attempted to make peace on all sides, but that they were all “very angry.”

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