Planned Parenthood Is Dismembering Babies While They Are Still Alive For Saleable Parts

Planned Parenthood Is Dismembering Babies While They Are Still Alive For Saleable Parts

We can’t continue to exist as a nation if we allow genocide to go on and on this way – especially of the most helpless among us, the unborn. The butchers of Planned Parenthood have become exceedingly skilled at the murder of babies, in and out of the womb. They are obviously breaking numerous laws and committing felonies that should put each and every one of them behind bars forever. I had no idea they induced a heart attack in babies with digoxin, to make partial birth abortions easier to perform and more successful in producing body parts that are saleable. It’s gruesome and barbaric beyond comprehension. Planned Parenthood is circumventing the law and playing lawfare with sanctioned murder. In fact, they don’t even care about the law. It’s all about profit. Tell me how this is any different from the Nazis? It’s not in the least.


From Moonbattery:

It seems obvious from the videos released by Center for Medical Progress that Planned Parenthood has been violating the law by trafficking in human body parts. But is it also guilty of committing partial birth abortion — or does it get around the law with digoxin-induced heart attacks?

Federal law prohibits partial-birth abortion, a gruesome procedure in which an unborn baby is intentionally turned to the breech position to ensure that delivery of the body happens before delivery of the head. Once the baby’s head is stuck in the birth canal, the abortionist punctures the skull, evacuates the contents, and the baby is dead.

There’s a good reason this practice is banned—it’s barbaric. Many Americans may not know that the term “partial-birth abortion” is not a medical one but a legal one. And, according to Planned Parenthood doctor Deborah Nucatola, some abortion providers don’t consider it with any seriousness. In her own words, “It’s not a medical term, it doesn’t exist in reality.” What?

It’s clear Nucatola thinks the law is irrelevant—or, as she says, up for “interpretation.” She explains how abortion providers get around the law by injecting a fatal quantity of digoxin, a cardiotoxic drug, into the baby’s heart before dismembering or delivering it. In Nucatola’s words, using the slang for digoxin, they “dig.” (Here’s the full footage of Nucatola and the transcript.)

Apparently “First, do no harm” is no longer taught in medical school.

Killing the baby in the womb has another advantage besides circumventing the partial birth abortion ban:

Moreover, you’ll find that a baby that has already died from a heart attack is apparently “softer” and easier to pull apart with metal instruments.

I wonder how candid Nucatola is with her patients about this process.

Someone who would do this to their own child would horrify Satan himself.

Liberals will argue that killing the baby with digoxin before moving on to the really gruesome procedures is more humane. But humane is the last word to use for Planned Parenthood.

In the second video, we find out explicitly from Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Mary Gatter that abortions performed with feticides aren’t viable for fetal-tissue donation. If digoxin is used, it renders the fetal stem cells unusable. (See the footage and the transcript.) Knowing this, Nucatola’s graphic explanation of how to “crush” unborn babies to maximize organ retrieval requires a clarifier. These babies are being strategically maneuvered, crushed, and dismembered under ultrasound guidance—while still alive.

It doesn’t matter what the left-wing oligarchs on the Supreme Court decree. No one has a “right” to do that to another human being.

If Planned Parenthood is not breaking the law, then we need to change the law.

If the courts won’t let us, we have to change the courts. In the end we are responsible for what we allow our liberal rulers to impose on us. No civilization that tolerates these horrors is fit to exist.

Murder is murder and then there is partial birth abortion where the child is torn limb from limb while they are alive and their brains are sucked out. If this isn’t the very definition of evil, I don’t know what is. And to speak of it and do it so casually is stomach turning. It doesn’t matter how this is spun or what word games they play, it is the actions of demons. These people have no soul or conscience left – they are murderous psychopaths at work and play. Our government is funding genocide and paying Mengeles to harvest baby parts and organs to sell to the highest bidder. They might as well bow to Baphomet and pledge their eternal souls to Satan. It doesn’t get any darker or bloodier than Planned Parenthood.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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