Cecil the Lion, the Media, and the Liberal Mob

This Cecil the Lion hype is really getting scary. Big game hunting has been a favorite human pastime since caveman days. Now suddenly it is a big enough sin to easily overshadow Planned Parenthood carving up live babies and selling their body parts.

Has-been actress turned fulltime moonbat Mia Farrow doxxed Walter Palmer in evident hopes that he would be killed by some animal rights fanatic, disturbing even the leftists at Salon. PETA literally wants him hanged for bowhunting.

The poor guy is being investigated by the federal government, for crying out loud. Exploiting the hubbub for propaganda purposes, Zimbabwe (whose dictator eats baby elephants) is calling for extradition — to a country where whites are far more endangered than lions. Moonbats have been laying siege to his Minneapolis area dental office, demanding that he be sacrificed to the maniacal regime in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, back in reality, American tourists kill more than 380 lions in Africa every year. The supposedly heartbroken people of Zimbabwe are asking, what lion?

The story is completely contrived, displaying the media’s new favorite tactic of taking an everyday incident and hyping it into the story of the century in order to drive the liberal agenda. The most obvious example of this is the sociopathic black hoodlum who manages to get himself killed by the police — an event so commonplace that it barely warrants local media coverage, but that is now used to stampede the herd to trample concepts like rule of law and local policing.

Like many of the police officers who have stood in for Emmanuel Goldstein during the liberal media’s never-ending Two Minutes Hate, Palmer may not have been aware of doing anything wrong. He took the lion on private land. It is alleged that it was lured there from a national park. Whether this is even true and whether Palmer knew about it remain to be determined.

But of course the crime he is hated for is not violating some technicality but killing a lion. This was never wrong before, but suddenly now it is, just like a couple of years ago even Obama agreed that the concept of homosexual marriage was wrong, and now suddenly it could end your career not to agree that it is right.

This isn’t about some dangerous beast on the other side of the planet. The social engineers inciting the lynch mob have set their sights on hunting. Once it has been eradicated, from their point of view, we will have no excuse to own guns. Disarming us is a prerequisite for the absolute control required to impose their notion of utopia.

In the meantime, now that big game hunting has been targeted, you might want to stock up on the works of enthusiastic big game hunter Ernest Hemingway. His books may soon go the way of Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

Hemingway: A great author possibly headed for the memory hole.

On tips from Bodhisattva, DinaRehn, Manuel R, Lyle, Merchant of Venom, and J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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