Is this possibly the most dangerous dare ever accepted? Watch the moment a man jumps from a boat onto a TIGER SHARK [Video]

Gee… wonder how much booze was involved? If my mates dared me to jump on a shark, I’d be looking for some new drinking buddies. An Aussie decides to take a stunningly stupid, suicidal dare and jump on top of a Tiger Shark. Of course, the minute he hit the water, the shark dove. He was just lucky it didn’t decide to surge back up and have a bite of down under. Just sayin’.

Shocking footage appears to show an Australian man jumping from a boat and landing on top of a tiger shark.

From the Daily Mail:

For many swimmers, deliberately coming into close contact with a shark is the last thing on their to-do list when it comes to taking a dip in the ocean.

But for some – perhaps with questionable judgement – that seems to be just the aim, thanks to a little encouragement from their friends.

Shocking footage has emerged of an Australian man appearing to launch himself off a boat and land directly on top of a tiger shark after being dared by his mate.

The group of men are on what looks to be a commercial boat when one of them pipes up and challenges their friend ‘Brett’ to jump overboard onto a passing shark.

‘Catch this tiger shark, Brett,’ the man can be heard saying, to which Brett replies: ‘What?’.

‘I dare you to jump on this tiger shark,’ his friend repeats.

‘Jump up here, come on, it’s coming.’

‘On this corner, you gonna jump on it? I dare you. It’s only a little tiger,’ he continues.

‘It’s only a man-eater,’ Brett replies.

‘Here it comes, it’ll only take your arm off don’t be shy,’ his friend urges.

‘Go, go, go Brett!’ he is encouraged.

Despite initial hesitation, the foolish man leaps from the boat into the water below and looks as though he lands square on top of the tiger shark.

The shark is nowhere in sight as the Australian splashes around in the ocean as he swims back towards the boat.

Real friends don’t peer pressure their buds into becoming shark bait. But, you know… when you are drinking and possibly imbibing other illegal substances, the weirdest things look like a good idea at the time. And then of course when you sober up, you wonder how you survived. Betting this is one Australian who wishes he had gone on walk-about instead. Makes for a great fish story.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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