VIDEO: CMA Hosts Underwood and Paisley Joke About Obama and the Democrats’ Loss; Crowd Goes WILD

The Country Music Awards is the only awards show I watch anymore — and it never disappoints or fails to make me laugh and smile. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are just fantastic and every year they nail it concerning the Obama Administration and the Progressives. I feel like I’ve come home with these folks – you just know the audience is full of God-loving patriots who embrace the Tea Party and what the Constitution stands for. Haters are gonna hate, hate, hate… but America loves, loves, loves the Country Music Awards.

From TPNN:

How many times have we watched the Grammy Awards, Oscars, or Emmy’s and been subjected to joke after joke and attack after attack on conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party movement. In fact, I don’t know about you, but frankly, I stopped watching these types of shows years ago because I got tired of being made to feel like a sitting target by these elitist Hollywood types simply because of my political affiliation. But, the one awards show that I do love to watch is the Country Music Awards. On Wednesday night, they reminded me of why.

Beyond the great music, country music tends to attract a patriotic crowd. Many of the fans and artists are not afraid to showcase their love of country and their conservatism. When Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley began hosting the show a few years back, they were an instant hit with the audience. Not only are both amazing performance, but their synergy and comedic nature on the state made for great entertainment.

During the ceremony, jokes were told about Taylor Swift leaving country music and also about Barack Obama. Both were met with great fanfare. But, the joke of the night was when Carrie Underwood joked about why the Democrats lost the Senate on Tuesday. The crowd instantly went absolutely wild!

I just keep hearing ole Tom Harkin dissing Joni Ernst in Iowa, who soundly thumped the Dem Bruce Baley running against her. He said she might be pretty as Taylor Swift, but if she legislates like Michele Bachmann, she’s not what Iowa needs, or some such nonsense. Well, Ernst may be pretty, but she’s a military vet and as smart as they come. She had the last laugh over that old Socialist Harkin, didn’t she? Shake it off…

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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