Washington Post Tells GOP “Hands Off On D.C. Marijuana Law”

No, really. This is what they find important after the thrubbing Obama and the Democrats endured

Congress should allow D.C.’s marijuana legalization to stand

D.C. VOTERS, as expected, gave overwhelming approval to a ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana and, as expected, there were immediate rumblings from Capitol Hill of plans to block its implementation. We did not favor passage of Initiative 71, but we do believe in democracy and self-government. Congress should recognize how inappropriate it would be to interfere with the District on this local issue.

Um, why? Congress is essentially in charge of D.C. Furthermore, marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug by federal law, the same class as cocaine, meth, LSD, crack, and heroin, among others. The Department of Justice should actually be jumping in and suing, much like they should in states that have legalized in some form.

However, if you thought that the Washington Post Editorial Board would defend the statement, you’d be wrong. You’re welcome to read the four following paragraphs to see if you can find any notion of the EB offering any sort of defense, reasoning, and/or rational for the statement. You won’t.

I will, sort of, though. On one hand, it should be stopped because marijuana is, as I noted, a Schedule 1 drug per federal law. On the other hand, I personally do not think people smoking pot is a big deal, especially in light of alcohol being legal, and it being a considerably worse drug than pot. If they want to smoke it, fine. Treat it the same as alcohol, in terms of where it can be smoked.

That said, the Washington Post hasn’t held the same position on other voter initiatives, such as banning gay marriage. When the People of California spoke and passed Proposition 8, the WPEB was very unhappy, and wanted it killed. They very much wanted DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) killed. They’ve very much wanted other laws and amendments, ones in which the People spoke, killed, such as North Carolina’s Amendment 1.

While I do not remember the EB chiming in on Wake County’s previous plan to go to local schools, rather than busing kids all over the county in the name of economic diversity (FYI, the busing plan hasn’t been about racial integration for decades), the paper itself often ran outraged articles, letters, and op-eds by other people, extremely upset over said local schools plan, despite having a local schools system in the Washington area. They were chiming in on a “local issue”.

Democrats/liberals/progressives love the notion of democracy and people voting, right up to the point that they lose the vote. Then they want it stopped.

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