Pregnant Woman Ambushed And Sexually Assaulted By Six Migrants…Then Good Samaritan Does THIS!

Pregnant Woman Ambushed And Sexually Assaulted By Six Migrants…Then Good Samaritan Does THIS!

Animals. In Germany, an 18 year-old woman who was very pregnant was walking down the street at 9:30 in the morning, when she was suddenly surrounded by a group of six migrants who started touching her inappropriately. She was hurt during the ordeal, but was able to escape the assault when a man who happened by stepped in to defend her. While her attackers were distracted, she fled. These beasts have not been caught, but even if they were, there are many more to take their place who would do the exact same thing. No other witnesses have come forward. I’m sure that’s out of fear. Just horrific.


From InfoWars:

A heavily pregnant woman was attacked by six migrants in Germany as reports continue to flood in of “refugees” sexually assaulting women following the mass molestation in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

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The incident occurred last week in the Germany town of Lübben, which has a population of just 14,000 people.

The 18-year-old woman was walking down the street near a retirement home at around 9:30am when she was surrounded by the six “foreign looking men” and “touched inappropriately,” according to a report by Lausitzer Rundschau.

It’s getting so bad in Germany that they have started banning Muslim immigrants from pool areas. Unfortunately, due to the government tacitly approving any behavior that comes from these monsters, the bans are lifted almost immediately. Women and children are being molested all over the country. These cretins defecate and urinate all over the place. They take the liberty of masturbating in public and raping at will. When a woman stepped in to stop a migrant from robbing an elderly woman, he spit on her in front of her children. And so it goes in Germany these days. The migrants now openly brag that they have taken control of Germany and it looks pretty much like they are right. Germany has willingly fallen to the Hijrah migration.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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