REVEALED: The TRUTH About the Woman Who Pronounced Justice Scalia Dead

REVEALED: The TRUTH About the Woman Who Pronounced Justice Scalia Dead

Justice Scalia was 79 years-old. There are several justices older than he was and he appeared in fairly robust health. He passed away in West Texas at a luxury resort. Scalia was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa. He arrived at the 30,000-acre ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people that night, according to a federal official. The Washington Post is claiming it was a heart attack. Not to be conspiratorial, but a heart attack can be caused by a myriad of reasons. One medical examiner is claiming it was from natural causes. And why wasn’t an autopsy done? He was found in his pajamas and in bed. He was pronounced dead over the phone. I find that highly suspicious. I find it even more suspicious when you read the account by the ranch owner who says that Scalia’s pillow was over his head. Something’s not right here.

Antonin Scalia

From the Conservative Tribune:

Questions are being raised about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia after the revelation that the medical examiner who pronounced him dead of natural causes never examined the body.

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Scalia died Saturday at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a luxury hunting facility 40 miles south of Marfa, Texas. However, according to the Washington Post, that’s when the details began to sketchy.

Given that the ranch is located in a remote part of west Texas — just an hour from the Mexican border — it was difficult to locate a justice of the peace to declare the Supreme Court justice dead. When they finally found one, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, she pronounced him dead without examining the body or ordering an autopsy. Guevara was out of town at the time of the pronouncement.

A pillow over his head and they declare natural causes over the phone? Was it over his head or over his face? Come on! It is true that Scalia was somewhat overweight, but it would be the height of foolishness not to consider other aspects surrounding his death. It is outrageous that a man of his stature would not have an autopsy to confirm cause of death. I would think his family would have insisted on one, but they are now saying they did not want an autopsy. One should be mandatory. In less than 24 hours, he is already embalmed destroying any chance of deducing foul play. You begin with what sounds like a reasonable supposition, but then as facts begin to emerge it becomes less and less reasonable and the eyes begin to widen. Couple this with the timing and you have to squint really hard not to begin to wonder if all is as it seems.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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