Ted Cruz Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Scalia

Ted Cruz Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Scalia

Justice Scalia was about to rule on the some of the most serious issues ever to face the Supreme Court: abortion, immigration, gun rights, Obamacare, voting rights and affirmative action. Ted Cruz has repeatedly warned that we were one justice away from a predominantly liberal Supreme Court. We are there my friends. The court is evenly divided along party lines now between conservatives and progressives. The next Justice decided upon will tip the court one way or the other. If Obama does indeed do a recess appointment it won’t be the first time, but this time the move will be politically motivated, calculated and highly partisan. It will cause a violent upheaval in American politics. This is what Obama has been hoping and waiting for. The Senate must hold the line here. Our fundamental rights hang in the balance.

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From InfoWars:

Ted Cruz is a constitutional lawyer. Whatever you think of him, he knows his constitution. He has been consistently conservative throughout his career.

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He’s also issued warnings that we’re one SCOTUS justice away from major gun control. He was on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning discussing the Supreme Court and replacing Antonin Scalia. Watch:

Ted Cruz has been right all along. We are just one Justice away from losing it all. We now stand at the crossroads of history. Our constitutionality and freedoms are at stake. Ted Cruz is emphatically saying that he will filibuster any nominee that Barack Obama puts forth and he should. Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Cruz said the 2016 election should be a “referendum” on the nation’s highest court. Cruz stressed that the Senate cannot allow Democrats to use Antonin Scalia’s death to erase the Second Amendment by writing it out of the Constitution. Conservatives stand in the breach to ensure that the highest court in the land does not tip forever into liberalism where the Constitution will be taken apart piece by piece and the nation will be reformed under a Marxist doctrine. Constitutionalists now need to rise up and teach their brethren how to war in politics. This election is now more than ever the most important one of our lifetime. The very lifeblood of the Republic is at stake. We need not only a warrior, but a Constitutional originalist. We need Ted Cruz.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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