SHOCK POLL Shows Who Will Win in South Carolina

SHOCK POLL Shows Who Will Win in South Carolina

I caught Tammy Bruce’s show yesterday and in it she said she had a gut feeling that Ted Cruz would win South Carolina. I agree with her. And if he does, it’s a game changer. If you can believe it, an internal poll in the Bush campaign is now showing Trump and Cruz neck and neck for South Carolina with Trump at 26 and Cruz at 24. This is beginning to feel a lot like Iowa all over again. We all know how that one went. I guess we’ll just have to see if this is a repeat or not. For America’s sake, I pray Cruz takes the state.

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From The Right Scoop:

According to Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, the internal polls from the Bush campaign show a much tighter race, and a jump for Cruz…

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This would be very much like what happened in Iowa, where the public polling was WAY off. Either they were just inaccurate, or Cruz got a late surge, and a big one.

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Evangelicals may swing South Carolina and Cruz has that vote pretty much tied up. If this race were more about character and principles, than personality and acting, Cruz would walk away with it. The Founding Fathers would be proud of a Constitutional originalist like Ted Cruz. He’s a man of faith who is very much cut from the same cloth as the now late Justice Antonin Scalia. With Cruz at the helm, America would once again relive the era of Reagan… our enemies will have great cause to fear us and our allies will once again trust us. South Carolina needs to go with Ted Cruz for the sake of the country and for Christians. This poll gives me great hope that they will.

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