Sex Robots Sweeping the US – Should They Be Banned?

Sex Robots Sweeping the US – Should They Be Banned?

Earlier this month, the Netherlands-based think tank Foundation for Responsible Robots published a report entitled “Our Sexual Future with Robots.”

Maybe not our, since the robo-sex craze does not appear to be a group activity, but it’s enough of a title to make anyone want to learn more.

To start, we here at Right Wing News had a short debate over how to tag this story, since we don’t often need to categorize anything as “RoboSexual” or “Poor Social Skills Taken To Their Logical Extreme,” but if we can talk about California Democrats, we can talk about the fact that sex robots aren’t futuristic, they’re already being built in the USA.

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Only four companies are producing sex robots and they’re all based in the United States.

Worldwide, the sex-technology market is worth a reported $30 billion,” estimated the publication Nature, which seemed slightly embarrassed to be discussing the topic, even while calling for research on human/machine “relationships,” if you can call them that.

Abyss Creations has been creating Real Dolls, which were originally not robotic in nature for years in California and has been moving in the direction of producing nighttime Roombas.

The Harmony android prototype from Abyss Creations blinks her eyes, changes expressions, carries on a conversation, and has orgasms. (Inanimate objects can’t have orgasms, so that’s fake. Some of us know about that.) These super-duper dolls will start at $15,000 and could go to $50,000, depending on accessories.

Abyss CEO Matt McMullen said he is creating a “girl friend” with whom the owner can bond. A real relationship with a not-real object.

Since porn takes less time to find online than it does to text, “Hey, honey, you busy right now?” I’m surprised that the dolls are not yet connected to wifi to provide streaming services of different modes and sounds.

But now that the rest of us have a bit of warning, we have a bit of time to work on the jokes that will inevitably rise when people start calling the fire department when the robots malfunction and their companions get caught in a hard place.

h/t Chicago Tribune

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