Shocking Video of a Female Muslim Terrorist Pulling a Knife and Stabbing an Israeli Guard

Shocking Video of a Female Muslim Terrorist Pulling a Knife and Stabbing an Israeli Guard

Reports are coming out of Israel that a woman clad in a black abaya and hijab walked up to a security checkpoint and while the guard was checking her ID and speaking with her, she reached in her purse, pulled out an monstrous knife and tried to stab the guard to death. On the video, you see her stabbing at him, then they go off frame. The guard received moderate injuries before he pulled his gun and shot her. She was in critical condition – scratch that… word is she is now dead. No great loss. What a horrific surprise for that guard. They say she wanted to go to a bus stop and stab a bunch of Jews.

Muslim Stabbing

From Gateway Pundit:

Israeli media outlets are reporting on another stabbing attack by a Palestinian against an Israeli. In this incident it was a Palestinian woman clad in black Muslim garb from head to toe who sauntered up to a security checkpoint in the Israeli town of Beitar Illit.

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Surveillance video shows the woman walking up the side of a road to the checkpoint. A male security guard politely stops her. The woman presents her ID as the two converse.

The guard is completely at ease and does not keep a safe distance from the woman. As the guard appears to be checking the woman’s ID via a portable device the woman casually puts her right hand in her purse as if looking for something.

She suddenly pulls out a large knife and attempts to stab the security guard who raises his arms and steps back.

Muslim Stabbing1

Screen image via Twitter.

Muslim Stabbing2

Screen image via Twitter.

The 1:14 video ends there as the guard and the attacker quickly move out of camera range as the guard retreats and the woman presses the attack. The guard was reported to have been lightly wounded before he was able to draw his gun and shoot the woman, critically wounding her.

The Jewish Press quotes an official as saying the woman’s goal was to stab Israelis at a bus stop past the checkpoint.

“Beitar Illit officials said: It appears that the terrorist was on her way to a bus stop [to attack Jews], and the guard prevented a worse attack.”

A shorter version of the video was posted to Twitter that just shows the end of the video.

Muslim Stabbing3

A photo shows the attacker’s ID card where the guard dropped it during the attack. The woman is identified as Halva Alian, 23. An accompanying photo shows the shot woman on the ground. She was checked for explosives. None were reported found.

Muslim Stabbing4

It was reported today is the guard’s birthday.

“The Israeli security guard stabbed by a Palestinian woman notes that today is his 33rd birthday: “I received my life as a gift today.” (Ch2)”

It was the guard’s 33rd birthday. Thankfully, he survived her evil gift. If that guard hadn’t had a gun, she would have surely killed him. Gleefully, I might add. This female demon did this in broad daylight, in heavy traffic. 22-year-old Hilwa Salim Darwish was from west Bethlehem, Galilee in northern Israel and is seen talking to Yishai Kreitenberger, a civilian security guard who was standing at his post. The guard told the Algemeiner Journal: “I was standing at the city’s guard post when I noticed the terrorist walking towards me…She was tense, looking around [as though] she was unfamiliar with the place. As she approached, she presented her green Palestinian ID card. So I told her she could not enter. While I was talking, I saw her putting her hand in her purse. [When] I asked her why she was [doing that], she took out a knife and managed to scratch me with it.” After she was shot, it was reported a number of Palestinians from the village across the road began to protest. The municipality then ordered Palestinian workers in the city to head home for the day over fears a riot would break out. As far as I’m concerned, this had a happy ending. What a bunch of murderous animals.

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