VIDEO: Dog Cries Every Time Boy Goes to Class & Even Stands On His Backpack to Stop Him

VIDEO: Dog Cries Every Time Boy Goes to Class & Even Stands On His Backpack to Stop Him

This video will absolutely break your heart. Watch as Dixie tries to prevent her boy from going to school.


From The Daily Mail:

This is the devastated dog that cries every day as she watches her owner get dropped off for school.

Even before the boy, who attends San Marcos Academy in Texas, has left the car his dog Dixie is trying to make him stay – standing on the backpack she knows he takes to school every day.

The boy successfully takes Dixie’s paws off his bag and takes off his seat belt as his mom begins calling to the pup, hoping to distract her from the hardest part of this daily routine.

But Dixie isn’t tempted by her whistles. The dog continues to stare at the boy, as if pleading with him to play hooky – just this once.

As the boy opens the door the mom grabs Dixie’s collar to stop her from running after him.

Dixie tries to block her buddy from getting out of the car with her head. After the door shuts, she immediately whips to the other window.

As she watches the boy walk away, Dixie begins to cry.

Her whimpers get more intense and her entire body shakes as Dixie realizes the car is moving and that they’re leaving without him.

‘Calm down, Dixie,’ the mother says, gently reminding the dog, ‘We’ll come back for him after school.’

Dixie continues to gaze out of the car’s windows, hoping he’ll return even as they get farther and farther away.

The mother is finally able to convince Dixie to hop into the passenger seat.

She continues to try and comfort the sad pup as Dixie gazes longingly out the window – hoping for one more glimpse of her buddy until he returns home.

Watch the video below:

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Imagine the excitement Dixie feels when he returns home from school!

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