Stories we need to hear more of: “Supercop” saves TWO lives in one shift!

Where others run away or dither indecisively, police officers and firemen run towards and into emergencies. That willingness to risk everything for another is why they are heroes. What they do for a living is a calling to help others – to protect and to serve. For little pay, hatred, derision and persecution, they still do their duty. Sergeant Ernst just feels like he is doing his job – but his job includes saving two lives in one night. He doesn’t look for praise or rewards, but heroes never do. First he saves a man who has OD’d on heroin… then for the second act, he carries a disabled woman out of a burning home. Sergeant Voss also assisted in the rescue. This is why America overwhelmingly loves her boys and girls in blue – they are not only warriors, they are saviors.

Hero: Sergeant Nathan Ernst says his incredible feat of saving two lives in
one night, is just part of his job.

From the Daily Mail:

For Sergeant Nathan Ernst, it was all in a night’s work – but for the small Georgia town of Holly Springs, he’s a real-life hero.

It all began on Saturday evening just after 8:30pm when Sgt. Ernst responded to a call of a man who had been found unresponsive in an abandoned home.

He quickly discovered the man had overdosed on heroin. Knowing he needed to administer the drug Narcan using a special shot, the man quickly woke up.

It was the same kind of injection heused a year ago as the first Georgia officer to save a person’s life in this particular way.

The 24-year-old man is recovering at a local hospital.

A little more than two hours later, the call of duty rose once again: this time at a house fire where the heroic cop carried a disabled woman who was bedridden, out of her burning home.

The sergeant arrived [at] her home to find the roof and door engulfed in flames.

‘I called 911. I heard my mother screaming,’ said Ronnie Callahan to Fox Atlanta, whose mother and sister were inside their home nearby. Sgt. Ernst carried Mr Callahan’s sister out of her home.

He was assisted by Sgt. Derrick Voss of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office

Despite all the drama for a weekend evening, officer Ernst was surprisingly modest.

‘This is what we do. This is what we love to do,’ he said. ‘When we become a police officer, our job is to help anybody in any situation.’

For the families whose lives he managed to save, they are forever grateful.

‘They’re both heroes. Without them, I wouldn’t have a family today,’ Mr Callahan says.

Holly Springs Police officials say they will honor Sgt. Ernst in a ceremony for his double life-saving efforts.

‘He’s an incredible individual,’ said Public Information Officer Sherry Conrad. ‘He is very diligent in what he does. He leads by example,’ she added.

‘He will go out with officers and he will answer calls when officers are busy with other calls… He’s a role model for what a sergeant should be.’

Sergeant Ernst takes calls that other officers don’t want – he goes where he is needed without question or hesitation. That makes him an excellent officer, a hero and a very good man. Because of his selflessness, two families are counting their blessings instead of grieving right now. We should cherish and respect our blue line… not listen to hateful, Marxist propaganda painting all police officers as murderous monsters. The police are the ones that rescue us from the real monsters and help the helpless. Then they modestly go on their way until the next emergency. Which in America today seems to be every five minutes. We need to hear more stories of “Supercops” out there – the problem is they think what they do is just another day at the office.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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