Man Robbed A Bank To Get Sent To Jail – But Got A Job As A Welder Instead

Man Robbed A Bank To Get Sent To Jail – But Got A Job As A Welder Instead

Once someone has been convicted of a crime, it’s difficult to find a well-paying job. Some former convicts end up returning to a life of crime because behind bars is the only place they find stability. One man in the Midwest has found that stability even though he robbed a bank precisely to get sent back to jail.


David Potchen robbed a bank in Merrillville, Indiana, last June, but the Lake County judge who heard his case didn’t send him back to jail and instead asked if anyone needed an employee.

The boss of an Illinois trucking company, who had hired ex-convicts before, decided to take a chance on the 53-year-old and gave Potchen a job welding truck flat beds outside of Chicago.

The owner of the company, a devout Christian who only goes by Duane, went to visit Potchen after hearing about his story and conducted a job interview at the jail, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Duane felt Potche carried himself with dignity and could tell all he wanted was a job and a new lease on life so he offered the convicted felon a job working at his family-owned company.

He said: ‘I found the timing interesting – being Holy Week and all – that’s kind of the pinnacle of second chances.

‘David definitely needed a fresh start. We definitely needed a welder.’

After getting help from his new employer with finding an apartment, Potchen started working full-time and has been a model employee by all accounts, according to NBC News.

He’s a loyal employee and his skills as a welder are earning him $18 per hour with planned step increases. The position also comes with benefits and a 401(k) retirement plan.

Potchen said: ‘Until they kick me out of here or shut the door on me, I ain’t leaving.’ He added: ‘It’s overwhelming that they put all this time and effort into somebody, took a chance on somebody.

It’s a heartwarming story, sure to inspire other employers to take a chance on someone who simply wants to contribute to society.

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