Obama Beats His Own Lie Of The Year – YES, It’s That BIG Of A Whopper

Obama Beats His Own Lie Of The Year – YES, It’s That BIG Of A Whopper

President Obama has a low regard for facts. Now, he has offered his biggest lie ever as he has declaered that he will “never engage in politics in which I’m trying to divide people.” BizPac Review reports:


Even for a president whose term will be defined by demonstrable lies, Monday’s whopper stood out for sheer brazenness.

In a nearly three-minute video released by the White House, President Obama declared that “one of my core principles is that I will never engage in politics in which I’m trying to divide people.”

“That’s not something I will violate,” he vowed.

In 2013, the “fact-checking” website Politifact called Obama’s “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” line the “lie of the year. This one went even further.

President Obama is, hands-down, the most-divisive president this nation has ever endured. Along party lines, along racial lines, along class lines, this president has divided in an effort to discourage a unifed opposition to his radical transforming of America.

With Trayvon, Mike Brown and the civil unrest that has occurred in the wake of these incidents, Obama has consistently fueled the fire in a way unbefitting America’s president.

Along class lines, the president has been eager to turn poor against rich as he demands that the successful “pay a little more” and spread the wealth around. Marx spoke less about the need for redistribution of wealth than Obama.

Truly, this is his biggest lie EVER.


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