Taxpayers Fund a Legal Group With a Role in a Rap Video About Killing Police Officers [Video]

It’s a good bet that this horrendous video that glorifies murdering cops influenced Brinsley before he murdered NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos last Saturday. I had heard that the NYPD was angry over the video and now I see why. It is sheer propaganda funded by our tax dollars through Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Barack Obama has funneled 1.5 million into these programs that use a tried and true Marxist tactic – saying it is for murdered cops, when in reality it is being used to gin up violence against our warriors in blue. It’s despicable and does Joseph Goebbels proud. This is all part of an agenda to force the nationalization of our police.

From The Daily Signal:

The Obama administration’s Justice Department funneled at least $1.5 million in grants to a New York legal-aid group featured in a new rap video that depicts two young black men aiming handguns at a white police officer.

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Some may find the lyrics eerily similar to the social media postings of the man accused of shooting and killing two New York City police officers execution-style in Brooklyn on Saturday.

The video for “Hands Up,” which also shows a white police officer gunning down a black motorist wearing a hoodie, contains lyrics suggesting revenge for much-publicized deaths of black men in confrontations with police.

Credited to rappers Uncle Murda and Maino, the video is subtitled “Eric Garner Tribute,” a reference to a black man who died while being pinned and restrained on a sidewalk by New York police officers.

The taxpayer money that went to the organization shown in the video, the Bronx Defenders, comes from a Justice Department program named for Edward Byrne, a New York Police Department officer who was shot dead at close range in 1988.

Among the lyrics to “Hands Up”:

For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed

’cause I’m black, police think they got the right to shoot me

No jail time, their punishment is death’s duty

… By any means necessary let’s make them respect us

The message is clear with two black gangsta thugs in back and in front of a white cop, aiming guns at his head. Blame the cops any time a black guy is shot, regardless of what crimes he has or is committing. This video through the Bronx Defenders and Rapper Uncle Murda puts a not-very-subtle hit order out there on every cop – especially white ones. No apology will be forthcoming from these murderous, evil Progressives. They are on a mission of racial division, riots, chaos and murder. All for the collective good – you just have to spill some blue blood along the way in their vision of a new utopia. Cops lives matter and this needs to be stopped.

Photo: Screen shot from “Hands Up,” World Star Hip Hop

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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