WATCH: An Electrocuted Monkey is Saved by His Heroic Friend [Video]

This little monkey has a heart of gold and did everything he could to save his friend who was electrocuted while walking on high tension wires in Kanpur, India. The hurt monkey started to fall under the tracks, when his friend pulled him up and performed a series of techniques meant to revive him: he bit him, slapped and dunked him in water. After 20 minutes, the little primate started to come to and his friend patted his back to the cheers of onlookers. Shock the monkey, indeed.

From Fox News Insider:

Some incredible video is making the rounds out of India, where a heroic monkey rescued its injured friend that was electrocuted.

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The footage was captured at a train station in Kanpur, where people quickly took out their phones to record what was happening.

The monkey was knocked unconscious by voltage while walking on high tension wires.

That’s when its primate friend jumped into action, repeatedly trying to get it to safety.

Finally after being dunked in some water, the monkey wakes up and begins moving around again.

People caught this on their phone cameras and it went uber viral. Sometimes, monkeys are more human than some humans. The drama drew quite a crowd and thank goodness it had a relatively happy ending. No word if the monkey fully recovered, but he definitely has a friend that helped save his life. We should all be so fortunate under similar circumstances. Sans the biting, hitting and dunking – I’d prefer standard life saving techniques, thank you very much. Note to self… stay away from high tension wires. I would have thought there would have been a hum that warned off the monkeys, but I guess not. A life is saved by a heroic monkey and he didn’t hold his hands up even once.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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