The Confederate Flag, Symbol of Rebels

Anything the liberal ruling class associates with resistance to its agenda is denounced as “racist.” This applies to large segments of American culture, including the South. As the Confederate flag is the most widely identified symbol of the South, it is regarded as politically unclean by liberals. They are exploiting the shootings in Charleston as a pretext to eradicate it, just as they took advantage of Sandy Hook to attack the Second Amendment.

Rabid hard left kooks like Michael Moore and Caroline Heldman denouncing the flag was only the beginning. After a tiny bit of resistance, Nikki Haley quickly capitulated to them and sold out the South by calling for its removal from the South Carolina capital. Soon this followed from Mississippi:

A top Mississippi lawmaker said Monday that the Confederate battle emblem is offensive and needs to be removed from the state flag.

House Speaker Philip Gunn became the first top-tier Republican to call for a change in the flag, which has had the Confederate symbol in the upper left corner since Reconstruction.

Never mind this:

Mississippi voters decided by a 2-to-1 margin in 2001 to keep the state flag that has been used since 1894. It features the Confederate battle emblem — a blue X with 13 stars, over a red field.

Now people are calling for military bases to be renamed so as to deny honor to great Confederate generals. After all, they fought to defend the South, so all were thought criminals who must be expunged from history.

NASCAR is like the NFL only more so in that it has a conservative fan base but is run by flaming moonbats. Predictably,

NASCAR is joining the race to disavow the Confederate flag after a racially charged shooting in South Carolina has renewed debate about its placement in state capitols in the South. …

“NASCAR supports the position that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley took on the Confederate Flag on Monday,” the company said in a statement.

NASCAR is particularly popular in the South. At least it has been.

Confederate flag merchandise of all varieties has always been popular. But now Amazon, Sears, Walmart, and eBay have sanctimoniously proclaimed that they won’t sell it anymore.

The liberal elitists at the Atlantic are delighted:

The speed of all of this movement is astounding—a testament to the fact that the arc of history not only bends toward justice, but occasionally lurches toward it.

By “justice,” they mean “social justice,” a euphemism for radical leftism. In leftist utopia, there won’t be any South, and there won’t be any of the frighteningly rugged, independently minded, politically intransigent people associated with the South in the minds of effete Northeastern liberals.

Even the Atlantic admits that the flag represents much more than “racism.”

[T]he most prominent flag of the Confederacy has become infused, miasmically, into the culture—a symbol not just of racism and inequality and the banality of evil, but also of a complex tangle of ideas that are, in the end, extremely and essentially American…

Primary among these ideas is the concept of rebellion against overbearing and unjust authority.

The Confederate flag has always explicitly represented rebels, and does so more than ever now that the liberal establishment (which includes the Republican Party) has launched a blitzkrieg to eradicate it. True rebels are encouraged to display it with pride.

The symbol of the South, and the symbol of the rebel.

On tips from Louisiana Steve, DinaRehn, and Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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