College Textbook Convinces Students That Christians Started Slavery

When they are done with the Confederate flag, they will come after the cross, because it isn’t only the South they want to erase. There will be no place in utopia for Christianity either.

The ultimate sin under liberalism is “racism,” which can be roughly defined as whites unreasonably advancing their interests at the expense of others. That which liberals wish to destroy, they connect to racism, as the herd has been conditioned to react to this term with unthinking vehemence.

Absurdly but alarmingly, college students are already being programmed to associate Christianity with racism through slavery:

Students taking [University of South Florida]’s “Culture and Society in Africa” course were recently assigned a textbook that describes organized Christianity as the greatest purveyor of slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries.

According to Introduction to African Civilizations by John G. Jackson, Quakers were the only Christian denomination to take “a firm stance against the slaveocracy.”

“Anyone who is familiar with the history of black slavery will note that the strongest bulwark of the slave system was organized Christianity; or in other words, the various denominations of the Christian Church,” states the textbook obtained by Campus Reform.

It isn’t enough just to swallow and regurgitate these vicious lies. Students must disseminate them.

According to [a] student, Dr. Linda Tavernier-Almada, an adjunct faculty-member at USF, instructed students to discuss the aforementioned material with their peers as one of their graded participation assignments.

Students who don’t know any better, and these days many don’t, may actually believe these calumnies.

According to one student, the textbook “obviously means that the Christian people were the ones who actually started slavery.”

Slavery was of course a worldwide institution that far predates Christianity, going back into prehistory in every part of the world. It is no longer prevalent largely due to the white and Christian British Navy, which made use of its dominance of the seas to cripple the slave trade.

As Dinesh D’Souza observes,

The anti-slavery movements led by Wilberforce in England and abolitionists in America were dominated by Christians. These believers reasoned that since we are all created equal in the eyes of God, no one has the right to rule another without consent. This is the moral basis not only of anti-slavery but also of democracy.

Native Africans and Muslims have always played major roles in the African slave trade — and still do. But that doesn’t support the Narrative, so you probably won’t learn about it in school.

Once again leftists are using 1984 as an instruction manual. As Orwell put it,


We are in for an ugly future is we let these lies stand.

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