The duck who is running a taxi service: Mom seen giving 16 babies a lift across pond

The duck who is running a taxi service: Mom seen giving 16 babies a lift across pond

Awwwww! So cute!! A mamma duck in England had sixteen babies. As she swam across a pond, all sixteen hitched a ride and a photographer got the perfect shot. It’s just simply beautiful. They climbed up on her back and others held on to each and her feathers to go for that swim. Usually the swans scare off the ducks, but not this mom. She’s the ultimate taxi service and nothing stops her.


From the Daily Mail:

It’s never easy having a big family but this duck has shown there is no limit to a mother’s love as she takes 16 of a taxi ride across the pond.

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Half a dozen of the young ones appear to actually be sitting on her back, while the rest grab a hold of the train and take advantage of the slipstream she created for an easier ride.

Mark Chrimes, 49, captured the image in Queen’s Park Heywood, near Rochdale, Lancashire, and was shocked by the sheer number of ducks he spotted.

He said: ‘When I started counting how many ducklings were riding along on their mums back I couldn’t believe how high it was.

‘At the time, I had been watching the swans chasing away several other ducks on the water, before I spotted this particular duck.’

Mr Chimes said that ducks are often camera shy – but these ones were happy to pose as he took the shot.

He added: ‘Usually, with the ducks, as soon as you lift up your camera to take a photo they move right away, so it was great to be able to get a shot on the pond this time.’

Sixteen seems like an unimaginable number by human standards and would be almost impossible to manage – but it’s a big family for a duck too.

Ducks usually lay up to 12 eggs when they nest, so 16 is considerably larger than the average.

This is a big brood even by duck standards. They are beautiful birds to begin with, but to see them all together like this is just captivating. And this time they were posing for the photographer! I have never seen this many ducklings together like this, much less hitching a ride on their mother’s back. I wonder how she keeps track of all her little ones. They say this duck is a Goosander, a member of the Sawbill family of ducks, also know as a Common Merganser or sometimes a Buff-breasted Merganser. They are expert divers and if you think the mum is pretty, wait till you see the dad. They are exquisite. I love ducks, always have… it’s the principle of the thing.



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