Watch Judge Judy OBLITERATE Smug Thug for Peeing on Flag

Watch Judge Judy OBLITERATE Smug Thug for Peeing on Flag

This jerk went before Judge Judy for whizzing on a Confederate flag, but it turns out it was someone else’s idea to do the deed. They thought it would be funny to get a picture peeing on the flag. When the judge asked him who the person was that came up with the disrespectful, moronic idea, he had the nerve to tell her that was irrelevant. Not just once mind you, but several times. She should have held the twerp in contempt and thrown his racist ass in jail over that bit of snarkiness. Evidently, he’s being sued for $2500 for doing his diddle. He deserves much more than that, but once a moron, always a moron.

Judge Judy

All three young men standing in front of Judge Judy were smirking. It’s not funny and someone ought to wipe the smiles off their faces. The plaintiff, Jesse Huggins, said he was at a party when he received a phone call telling him his truck and flag were vandalized outside. When he got to the truck he found the flag, defaced, on the hood with a large scratch on the vehicle’s tailgate. The teenage defendants, Nicholas Nolan, Christopher Easley and Bailey Forsten, claimed to have found the flag on the ground before they drove around with it, urinated on it and returned it to the scene. The judge awarded Huggins the $2500 he sought in damages. Good for her! “You three are a bunch of morons,” Sheindlin told the defendants. “You don’t vandalize someone else’s property because you don’t like what it says. That’s not America. You may disagree with the statement, but the response to that is not to vandalize somebody else’s property.” After the hearing, Forsten admitted that they lied in court and ripped the flag off of Huggins’ car, scratching it in the process. “To be honest I’m the savage that did it,” Forsten said. You’re not a savage, you idiot… you are just a racist twit who is a lousy human being and a craven coward. Too bad Judge Judy didn’t make you brain dead creeps walk back to Arizona. It would have built a little bit of character.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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