The Prison Where There Are NO GUARDS ON THE INSIDE [Video]

The Prison Where There Are NO GUARDS ON THE INSIDE [Video]

There are only guards on the outside to keep prisoners from escaping. Welcome to San Pedro prison in Bolivia, South America. Inside there are 3,000 stone-cold criminals who live with their families and children. The children roam freely, play video games and watch television. Families have their own spaces. Inmates pay their own way by working in various areas of the prison city. They conduct their own brutal justice as well. There is a prisoner’s council that passes judgement – it is especially intolerant of those who commit sex crimes. There is a put where those found guilty are beaten, stabbed and then electrocuted. Some of the purest cocaine in the world comes out of that prison and it is a booming business there. It’s bizarre.


From the Daily Mail:

It is the strangest prison in the world, where drugs are mass-produced, children roam free and prisoners dish out a brutal mode of self-styled justice.

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In the heart of the mountainous La Paz city in west Bolivia sits San Pedro prison, where 3000 male inmates call the shots virtually sovereign from external guards, whose only job is policing escapes.

San Pedro was made famous by the book Marching Powder in 2003, and for the first time it’s author-Australian journalist Rusty Young-has returned inside its walls for Seven’s Sunday Night.

The book, which remains a bestseller, lifted the lid on the drug-trafficking that runs rampant in the prison, and it appeared that little had changed in the 12 years since it was published Prisoners must pay for their own rooms and food, carrying out work as kitchen hands, cooks, cleaners, and convenience store owners-but the real money to be made remains in narcotics.

With no law enforcement patrolling the interior and guards accepting bribes to access supplies, drug production is rife, with some of the purest cocaine in the country made and sold inside.

Another bizarre feature which exists alongside the drugs is the children, who can be seen frolic throughout the prison in droves.

At one stage an eight-year-old-boy is shown happily playing videogames in the room of one of the inmates.

The premise is the children and partners of the inmates are safer inside the prison than being sitting ducks on the impoverished streets outside.

But they often fall victim inside too, with reports a 12-year-old girl fell pregnant after being raped by a group of men inside the prison in 2013.

These offences do not go unpunished, with rapists and child molesters treated with a brutal zero-tolerance policy by the inmates ‘council’.

Lynch mobs drag offenders to a shallow concrete well where they are beaten, stabbed and electrocuted to death in front of a baying crowd, as was depicted in a harrowing scene in Marching Powder.

Proving infamous to the residents of San Pedro, the program was cut short when Young was forced to flee after inmates started to threaten him.

While the prison may seem uncivilised to outsiders, the fact it is funded by inmates makes it a cheap model for a government in one of the poorest nations in South America.

In an incredibly poor country, the prison is self-sufficient. You wouldn’t want to live there though – it’s a harsh environment to live in. It’s very third world. I’m sure progressives look at this model and salivate. They’d love for all of us to live like this. Talk about vigilante justice. I’m sure that those who are executed deserve what they get, but there is nothing civilized about this. I had never heard of this prison until now. It is one of the strangest arrangements I have ever seen put in place. But it seems to work. You have to wonder what the children are like that come out of there. Are there schools? There are medical facilities, so I assume there are schools too. Just unreal.








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