This Is Why Some Dentists Now Say Fillings In Your Teeth Do More Harm Than Good [Video]

This Is Why Some Dentists Now Say Fillings In Your Teeth Do More Harm Than Good [Video]

Gee, another tax. This one in the name of stopping dental decay AND obesity. Figures it’s the Brits putting this one forth, but we won’t be far behind. There is a contingent of dentists out of Norway that are claiming that fillings put in your teeth may do more harm than good. They may actually promote decay in neighboring teeth. I’m not sure I buy that one. I’ve had a lot of fillings and they have literally saved my mouth. I have bad dental genetics, so I have a dentist on standby all the time. I visit dentists so much, I actually get to know their families. Having said that, sugar does hurt your teeth and health. But it is not up to bureaucrats to be your parents in that regard. Taxation won’t fix the problem… it will only line pockets of those looking for newer and better ways to squeeze blood out of a turnip.


From the Daily Mail:

Dental experts have called for an urgent review after researchers claimed fillings can end up doing more harm than good.

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A study carried out by experts in Oslo, Norway suggests that fillings may even increase the chances of decay.

Researchers reportedly found that six out of ten teeth alongside fillings suffered decay after five years – with nearly a third of those then needing a filling themselves.

They believe the trauma caused by having a filling may explain why teeth either side become susceptible to developing infections.

Experts at the British Dental Association say the findings warrant a review, the Sunday Express health editor Lucy Johnston reports.

The study, published by the Journal of Dentistry, was led by Simen Kopperud, of the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials in Oslo, Norway who said dentists needed to ‘be aware of the risks’.

The Express quotes him as saying: ‘The most important message is that if restoration takes place in one place the problem of decay is not solved. It is highly possible that the intervention by the dentist causes a problem in adjacent teeth.’

Professor Damien Walmsley, spokesman for the British Dental Association said of the findings: ‘This study highlights the fact that dental intervention can cause more harm than good.

‘More research is urgently needed to find out why dentists could be causing these problems.’

The dental expert added that fillings were currently still the best option available to dentists. And he described calls for a tax on sugary drinks last week as a ‘no-brainer’.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver said that the ‘ball is firmly in the Government’s court’ after a Public Health England (PHE) report suggested a levy of up to 20% would cut sugar consumption.

A spokesman for Mr Cameron said the Prime Minister had not read the report but was not in favour of a tax, believing there were other measures to drive down childhood obesity.

Oliver, a vocal campaigner for healthy eating, praised the study and urged ministers to tackle the obesity crisis ‘like parents not politicians’.

He said: ‘Doctors, dentists, scientists, a large and growing percentage of the British public and many in the media are calling for action. The ball is firmly in the Government’s court.’

Why is a famous chef the one calling for a sugar tax? That seems a bit off doesn’t it? The Prime Minister is not in favor of a sugar tax, but that can change in an instant these days and probably will. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want progressives telling me what I can and can’t eat. They can get stuffed. They will probably push this through and it will come to America as well. It’s not a solution and it is not what it seems. Meanwhile, I suggest you take care of yourself and get fillings if you need them. Your teeth can not only make you miserable, they can kill you. So, your dental care should be one of the things at the top of your list. Regardless of what ‘experts’ tell you.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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