The Saturday Night Live Cast Is Hilariously Asked To Draw The Prophet Muhammed [Video]

Growing up, I used to watch Saturday Night Live all the time and adored it. In fact, there were weekly parties at my place to watch it. I don’t watch them much anymore – politics soured me on them long ago, but this one is a classic. I watched the brilliant “Draw Muhammed” skit and it perfectly captures the media’s hilarious refusal to deal with the issue. It scares the living crap out of them. Erick Erickson of RedState put it succinctly: “History shows us over and over that the moment evil realizes you are scared of provoking it, you have provoked it into action.” What do ISIS and other Islamists have to fear from a cowering American media’s reaction to the attempted slaughter in Garland, Texas at Pamela Geller’s Draw Muhammad cartoon contest? Not much evidently. This skit shows how cowardly and ridiculous it is for so many to quake in their loafers at just the thought of drawing Muhammad.



U.S comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ is no stranger to tackling controversial issues and last night was one of its best.

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A new sketch centred around a fake Pictionary-style gameshow called ‘Picture Perfect’ and trust the SNL cast to throw in an audacious, unexpected twist on the format.

Two of the contestants (played by Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan) were tasked with drawing ‘The Prophet Muhammed’ and, given recent politically charged events, they were extremely hesitant to do so.

Check out the hilarious clip below, featuring guest host Reese Witherspoon’s desperate attempts to guess the answer from a blank sheet of paper.

SNL hit it out of the park with this skit – just simply perfect. After being attacked by both sides of the aisle for holding a contest to draw Muhammad, a contest that basically showcased free speech, Pamela put it bluntly, “Everyone seems so eager to surrender. I never will.” And neither will I. Those who stand against Pamela Geller and anyone taking a stand for free speech against Shariah Law and the Islamists, I’ll ask you what Bill Whittle has asked… which are you… a fascist, a coward or a moron? Or are you all three? #IStandWithPamelaGeller

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