ISIS Sets ‘Traps’ to Ensnare and Execute Homosexuals

Disclaimer, I’m relying on another websites translation of an Italian post.  But if true, this is horrifying and deplorable…


According to reports, a special unit of militia has been formed within ISIS to deal specifically with the eradication of homosexuals from Syria, Iraq and Libya. One method employed is for militiamen of the Caliphate to send anonymous invitations for blind dates for men only; those who respond are summarily executed.

According to dissident groups working in the area, ISIS religious police have also begun pretending to be gay men in order to ferret others out, before arresting and executing them.

The terrorist group has already published a series of graphic videos showing the murder of supposed gay men, who are often thrown from tall buildings and stoned to death. Some clips show large crowds gathered to watch the executions and pelt the men with stones.

Some “luck out” and are only beaten and blackmailed into paying a ransom.  Disgusting.

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