Muslims Cry ‘Racism’ After a Sign is Posted to Stop Them From Washing Feet in Bathroom Sink

Muslims Cry ‘Racism’ After a Sign is Posted to Stop Them From Washing Feet in Bathroom Sink

It’s a fairly commonsense reaction to be grossed out upon learning that someone is washing their feet in the same sink where other people wash their face and hands. But according to Muslims, that line of thought makes you racist.

feet in sink

Muslims are crying “racism” after an office worker placed a sign in a men’s bathroom in an office building to try and stop Muslim workers from washing their feet in the sink before their daily prayers.

The sign featured a cartoon of a man washing his foot in the sink with a slash through it, reports The Daily Mail. It was placed on the door of the men’s bathroom.

The sign was posted days after an office worker asked a Muslim employee at the building’s convenience store what he was doing with his foot in the sink.

Mohammad Faisal, 26, originally from Pakistan, who is completing his studies in Australia, works 20 hours a week at the building’s convenience store. His shift is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., which fall between two of the five daily required prayers in the Muslim religion, Dhuhr and Asr.

Faisal goes to the first floor men’s bathroom to perform his pre-prayer ablutions, which require that he wash his hands, mouth, head, neck, arms, and place his feet one at a time in the bathroom’s two sinks.

On one recent occasion, an office worker walked in on Faisal while he had one of his feet in the sink.

“He said ‘what are you doing’ and [I] said ‘I just washed my feet’ and he said ‘okay’ and left,” Faisal recalled.

Days later, the sign appeared.

“Then yesterday this sign went up,” Faisal said. “I don’t know, maybe he put it up because he didn’t like it. I don’t like to blame anyone. It’s about being respectful to my religion.”

It didn’t take long for the local Muslim Al Sharpton to get involved.

Faisal’s manager told his superior, who then contacted Muslim community advocate Zaky Mallah, out of outrage for the building employee’s alleged attempt to prevent working Muslims from using the sink for their ablutions.

“This country has freedom of speech but that cartoon is racist and it is taking freedom of expression too far,” Mallah said. “When was it a crime to wash up in a men’s room for Muslim prayers? It happens everywhere around the world. When Muslims want to perform their five daily prayers they have to go and wash up. And it would be happening around Australia every day for Muslim men, and women too. Possibly this man [who put up the cartoon] thought he was being funny, but this is a ridiculous joke and it is intimidating people going about daily business.”

Of course, the company caved, calling it racist and defamatory. Of course, this isn’t an issue of racism so much as it is giving Muslims yet another excuse to force us infidels to live under their thumb, whether we like it or not.

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