The shocking moment a Texas mother points a GUN at the head of a 14-year-old girl who was fighting her daughter over a boy [Video]

I’m all for guns, but this is way out of line. No one wants their child in a fight. But these girls knew better… they let their friends push and goad them into fighting over a boy. How stupid can you get. Alverez’s daughter’s rival never even knew the mother had pointed the gun at her head until she saw the video. The mother could have pulled them apart, but she didn’t do that. When the police showed up, she shoved the gun in her purse. Guess we know who the daughter takes after, don’t we?

From the Daily Mail:

A Texas mother was arrested after she was caught on video pulling a gun on a teenage girl who was fighting her daughter in a public park.

Two female students from Pasadena High School in Houston confronted each other Tuesday afternoon, when one of the girls’ mothers, Virianda Alvarez, showed up armed with a handgun.

According to school officials, Ms Alvarez, 33, aimed the gun at her daughter’s rival and threatened her.

An armed officer with the Pasadena Independent School District showed up a short time later and broke up the fight.

Virianda Alvarez was arrested Tuesday night and charged with aggravated assault. She is being held on $35,000 bond.

During her first court appearance, Alvarez told a judge that she just wanted to ‘scare’ her daughter’s rival with the gun, and her family later told the station KPRC2 that the weapon was not loaded.

The violent brawl broke out in the park across the street from Pasadena High School after class Tuesday, drawing a large crowd of spectators.

Victoria Myers, 14, told the station KHOU she got into a dispute with Virianda Alvarez’s daughter over a boy, and then the girl’s friends challenged her to show up for a fight.

Myers said she had no idea that her classmate’s mother came to the park armed with a gun until she saw a friend’s cell phone video, which captured the moment Ms Alvarez allegedly pointed the handgun at her head .

The shaky video, obtained by NBC DFW, begins with Victoria and her romantic rival standing in a circle of girls in the middle of the park, looking uncertain about what they are supposed to do next.

Then one of the teens in the crowd shoves Alvarez’s daughter towards Victoria, and the two begin pummelling one another with their fists and pulling on each other’s hair.

In the video, Victoria Alvarez throws her opponent to the ground and punches her several times in the face.

For a split second, Virianda Alvarez appears in the frame in a bright-pink shirt holding a black handgun pointed at the ground.

Some of the spectators recorded the brawl on their cell phones, including the moment Ms Alvarez allegedly threatened an unsuspecting Victoria Myers with the gun.

By the time a school district officer showed up to stop the fight, Ms Alvarez had stuffed the weapon in her purse, according to witnesses.

The woman was identified and arrested only after videos and still photographs from the fight surfaced online and were brought to the attention of police.

Victoria Myers and Alvarez’s daughter have been suspended from school until Monday. Both girls also received citations and will have to partake in a five-day guidance program.

What the girls did was stupid and violent… what Alvarez did was criminal. She could have easily pulled that trigger. She claims the gun wasn’t loaded. We’ll never know for sure. It doesn’t matter – it showed intent. You don’t pull a gun unless you mean to use it, period. This is the gangster mentality that prevails in our schools and fosters street gangs. A lot of it comes from the streets – those kids who wind up taking care of themselves. But a good part of it comes from parents and siblings in families. They pass it down to their children and teach them the ways of the street. A lot of that has been brought here from other countries. When you bring a gun to fist fight, someone usually winds up dead. Alvarez should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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