Mississippi police officers required to learn Spanish for continued employment or face discipline [Video]

This is ass backwards. The police should not be forced to learn Spanish. I am sure this is because of Amnesty and the fact that there are soooo many illegal immigrants now, these departments are flooded. That does not change the fact that these people should have to learn English if they live in America. This is more normalization for the erasure of borders and the influx/invasion of immigrants from other countries. Next, they’ll have to learn Arabic. Not kidding.

From BizPac Review:

The Jackson, Miss. Police Department is now requiring its officers to take a Spanish language course four times a year as a condition of employment.

“The purpose of this program is for our officers to learn basic commands,” police Chief Lee Vance told Fox News Latino. “We’re not looking to make anybody fluent.”

The quarterly classes are only two hours long, which Vance admits “will definitely not get them there,” but said it’s at least a beginning.

“The program is designed for people who have no knowledge of the Spanish language,” Dr. Brian Phillips said, who is one of the class’s volunteer instructors. He believes it’s critical for all first responders to learn Spanish.

“Anytime you have a life-threatening situation, you could be causing problems for that person who does not understand the system when there is a language barrier,” Phillips added.

Leaders in the Hispanic community hail the department’s efforts.

“There’s been a major problem throughout the state,” said Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance Executive Director Bill Chandler. “Latino immigrants have been reluctant to call law enforcement.”

Karla Vazquez, a legal assistant and interpreter for a local law firm agrees.

“I’ve been here [in Mississippi] since 2005 and I can see there is a lot of miscommunication,” said Vazquez, who grew up in Mexico. “I see it with police officers and I see it in court.”

But others argue that the department is placing the responsibility to be able to communicate effectively on the wrong group.

“We should be encouraging legal immigrants to become citizens learning English,” said Bob Dane, spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “It is a disincentive for immigrants to learn English when we fully accommodate their every need and the language of their choice.”

Whatever happened to, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”?

All legality has gone out the window. You don’t have to even attempt to become legal anymore… you just have to show up. Our laws and Constitution have been trashed and nullified. They will never assimilate now – they will form enclaves that are little barrios and little Islamic Sharia law pockets. This is globalism and it panders to one race or another. The police are going down a very dangerous path here. Having them speak English also won’t put Hispanics at ease… they’ll still distrust the police. More and more police are leaving the forces because if they do the right thing, they are liable to get prosecuted and they can’t keep up with the violence that is skyrocketing over these illegals. It’s one more swipe at the thin blue line. It’s like we’ve already merged with Mexico.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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