Illegal Immigrant Is Fourth Suspect Taken Into Custody in NYC Islamic State Case (Video)

And what did you expect? With non-existent borders and a ‘come one, come all and eat at the American buffet’ policy, it’s an open door for Jihadists. It isn’t just the invasion force from Mexico we have been railing against… we have many, many coming in from the Middle East. And if they are not coming here illegally, they are coming as refugees. It is a certainty that we will get hit with a major terrorist attack on American soil with these policies in place. Obama knows it and does not care. He welcomes the chaos and is angling for a permanent Marxist voting bloc.

From Gateway Pundit:

A fourth man and illegal alien was taken into custody in connection with the New York City ISIS case.

The man is being held on immigration charges.

Three other men were arrested on Wednesday.

Two were from Uzbekistan. One was from Kazakhstan.

NBC New York reported:

A fourth man has been taken into custody in connection with the federal investigation into three Brooklyn men who allegedly plotted to travel to Syria to join ISIS and carry out domestic attacks if they failed, law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York.

The man, who sources say spent time in Norfolk, Virginia, about a 10-minute drive from Chesapeake, where one of the suspects arrested in Wednesday’s raids worked at a kiosk operated by another of the suspects, is being held on civil immigration charges.

No criminal charges have been filed against the man. The FBI is looking into any potential ties he may have to the three suspects rounded up Wednesday — 24-year-old Abdurasul Hasanofvich Juraboev, 19-year-old Akhror Saidakhmetov and 30-year-old suspect Abror Habibov.

Authorities allege the men — two Uzbekistan citizens and a Kazakhstan citizen, all three of whom lived in Brooklyn — conspired to join ISIS overseas and return to New York to shoot police officers and FBI agents if they failed. Two planned to travel; one is accused of funding the operation.

The youngest man, Saidakhmetov, allegedly posted on an Uzbek-language website in the last six months that he would buy a machine gun and shoot police officers and FBI agents if his plan to join ISIS was thwarted, according to the complaint unsealed Wednesday. In August, 24-year-old Juraboev posted on the board that he would kill President Obama if ISIS asked him to and asked for help getting weapons, according to the complaint.

He also said he would plant a bomb on Coney Island if the terror group asked, the complaint said.

There are just too many soft targets in the US for something bad not to happen with all the sleeper cells and outright terrorists that we now have here. It’s a ticking time bomb and it will go off sooner rather than later. These four were in New York – the home of 9/11. In 14 years, we have gone the opposite direction of protecting the country and now we are riddled with enemies from within. The Islamic State is here and have more joining them each day. My bet is that they will hit multiple targets in multiple cities simultaneously. It would be maximum carnage with maximum terror and chaos. Our president will effectively do nothing as Americans die. Gotta break a few eggs to make a Caliphate, don’t cha know. As more blood is shed and more people scream that something must be done, the more dictatorial Obama and DHS will become.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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