Troubled mime who was in Blade 2 killed himself because he was haunted by relative he found hanged

Troubled mime who was in Blade 2 killed himself because he was haunted by relative he found hanged

No, that headline is not a joke. It’s a real thing. And it’s certainly tragic.

stuart luis

From the Daily Mail:

A troubled actor who worked on Red Dwarf and zombie film 28 Days Later took his own life after being tormented by the spirit of his dead relative, an inquest has heard.

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Stuart Luis, 44, was ‘haunted’ after discovering his family member hanged at a family party five years ago.

In the days before his death, he told his wife he had voices in his head, waking her up to say ‘spirits were fighting for his soul’.

The talented mime artist had even spoken to a spiritual healer just days before he was found dead near East Croydon railway station.

Today, Croydon Coroner’s Court heard how, five years earlier, Mr Luis had found – and tried to resuscitate – one of his relatives hanged at a party in Poland.

Wife Monika told the hearing: ‘Since I met him, he was very spiritual and he was always trying to find the answer to life.

‘But I think the situation at the party had a massive influence on his mental health.’

The hearing was told how, instead of going to the doctor about his mental health, Mr Luis hired a spiritual healer to visit him on December 22.

The £50-per-hour healer Evelyn Brodie, who works in south London and Brighton, said he had described feeling ‘haunted’ about the incident in Poland and that a spirit had attached himself to him.

She said in a statement that she had ‘cleansed’ his home and that he was feeling better, ‘looking forward to his break’.

The guess here is he had other problems and probably worse ones than deceased relatives. It’s always a shame to see someone in the prime of life be so tormented with personal demons that they take their own lives. And in this case it’s worst of all – he walked onto the tracks in an attempt to get hit by a train. It’s hard to imagine a worse way to go.

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