UNBELIEVABLE: After Doctors Said It Was IMPOSSIBLE, A 51-year-old Conceived & Gave Birth to Healthy Baby Because of This… [Video]

What a wonderful story! With the miracle of In Vitro Fertilization, Rosalinda got the baby girl she always wanted. She had her first baby at 17 in Peru. She and her husband came to the United States, worked hard, became citizens, bought a home and then wanted another child. She was in her 30s, but then could not conceive – IVF was too expensive here in the states. So, at the age of 50, she went back to Peru and she was the exception to the rule. They were able to do it and she carried the baby full term and delivered a perfectly beautiful and normal little girl. It was meant to be.

From WFSB.com:

One Connecticut woman knew she always wanted a second child, and it happened, but decades after her first one.

At the age of 51, Rosalinda Aguirre gave birth to her second baby.

Her daughter, named Rosalinda Katherine but goes by Katherine, was born just before noon on Jan. 9, with a very normal birth and no complications.

“My baby is – oh, my God – this baby I have now is so beautiful,” Aguirre said.

What is not so normal is that Aguirre is old enough to be a card-carrying member of the AARP.

When her friends were having grandchildren, Aguirre said she was focused on having one more child.

She said she had been trying since she was in her mid-30s.

Her first child was born 34 years ago in Peru. She was just 17.

She moved to the United States with her husband when her son was little.

She said she and her husband became citizens, found jobs, bought a house but didn’t want to have another child until they were on good financial footing, and when the time came a baby did not.

“We wanted baby. Really wanted,” she said.

In her 30s, she struggled to become pregnant naturally and in her early 40s the couple hoped to try IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) but the expense to do it in the United States was too much and insurance wouldn’t cover it.

The couple still tried to have another baby the natural way, and at the age of 50 she went to her homeland of Peru, which she said is much more medically affordable, and had some tests done.

“I have too many tests and they say ‘you can do it’,” she said.

Doctors in Peru told her that they found four viable eggs from her ovaries which they fertilized with her husband’s sperm and implanted.

Within weeks she learned that she was going to have a baby.

She and her husband were thrilled, even their 34-year-old son.

“I was like ‘no! Are you serious, what are you guys doing? I was like ‘at your age?’” David Aguirre said.

The chances of the couple conceiving naturally were almost zero.

“We tell them your chances of spontaneously conceiving is probably somewhere along the less than 1 percent,” said obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Jessica Mullins.

She said the odds are that low even using IVF with the person’s own eggs at older ages.

“The older you are, the higher risk you become, because they tend to have a high risk of miscarriages,” Mullins said. “When you look at the numbers after 45, the risk of first trimester miscarriage is about 80 to 90 percent.”

She added that they tend to have a higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Older maternal age also means that there is an increased risk of babies being born with challenges like Down syndrome.

Despite the risks and concerns for both mom and baby, the pregnancy and Katherine’s birth were very normal.

“I mean, it was perfect. There was nothing different about this delivery than any other baby I’ve delivered,” Mullins said.

The couple said Katherine barely cries and only makes noise when she is hungry or in need of a change.

At age 51, Aguirre said her family is finally complete.

“I wake up so happy. Me and my husband wake up so happy,” she said.

Rosalinda will cherish this baby even more because of the challenges in having her. Her big brother will adore her and her father will dote on her. Their family is now complete. That is until the son marries and has children… you know how the story goes. They bucked the odds which were way against them and prevailed. People get so hung up on age – there is more love in this family than most and the child will be a blessing. I’m sure of it.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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