DEVELOPING: What is causing these massive craters in Russia? [PHOTOS]

DEVELOPING: What is causing these massive craters in Russia? [PHOTOS]

Another mystery that scientists can’t explain so they will chalk it up to ‘global warming’ without any proof or reasonable link to global warming. Four new mysterious giant craters have appeared in the Siberian permafrost in northern Russia, sparking fears as to WHAT may be causing gas to erupt from underground.

crater in Russia

Scientists spotted the new holes, along with dozens of other smaller ones, in the same area as three other enormous craters that were spotted on the Yamal Peninsula last year.

One of new craters, surrounded by at least 20 smaller holes, is just six miles from a major gas production plant. Experts have predicted there could be up to 30 more are waiting to be discovered. Scientsts, however, are still largely baffled by the exact processes causing the craters. Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky, deputy director of the Moscow-based Oil and Gas Research Institute, part of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has called for ‘urgent’ investigation of the new phenomenon amid safety fears. Until now, the existence of only three Siberian craters had been established when great caverns in the frozen landscape were spotted by passing helicopter pilots.

crater in russia snow

Two of the newly-discovered large craters – also known as funnels to scientists – have turned into lakes, revealed Professor Bogoyavlensky.

‘It is important not to scare people, but this is a very serious problem,’We must research this phenomenon urgently to prevent possible disasters. We cannot rule out new gas emissions in the Arctic and in some cases they can ignite.’

The earth has been around for thousands of years and it’s cycles are too long and spaced out for humans to comprehend. I often laugh when people are fearful about dramatic weather cycles as if weather were a brand new thing. The Farmer’s Almanac is the best tool that gives pretty accurate weather predictions and astronomical data… but that’s only been around 200 years. With sporadic records about the earth parsed together from journals and writings… no one can really know or understand the REAL history of the earth. Are these craters a result of the global warming fantasy? Are they just a normal part of the earths thousand years cycle? Or is it the end of the world?

crater in russia from the bottom

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