Video: Cops Pepper Spray #BlackLivesMatter Crazies In Cleveland After They Intercede

Video: Cops Pepper Spray #BlackLivesMatter Crazies In Cleveland After They Intercede

The kid was drunk. The Cleveland police did what they should have and took him in for treatment. Because the kid was black, the #BlackLivesMatter crowd descended on the police. Then they got their panties in a twist when they got pepper sprayed. Color me unsympathetic in the extreme. Now, there are howls of outrage and the screams of ‘racism!’ hitting the air waves. So predictable and so unjustifiable. This happens every time anything happens between the police and someone of color. The black person is never in the wrong and the evil, bad (and usually white) cops persecute them instead of just letting them go. We’re supposed to condone free range criminality in America these days it would seem. You interfere with the police trying to do their jobs and you shouldn’t be surprised if you wind up with a bunch of mace in your face.

Pepper Spray

From Weasel Zippers:

Black Lives Matter folks were having a conference in Cleveland. Police were taking in a 14 year old boy who appeared to be intoxicated, when the crazies descended upon them and tried to stop the arrest.

This is what they do every time they are in vicinity of an arrest, this is with what cops have to deal.

Here they are trying to pull the boy away from the cops, he’s in the middle:

Here is the cop pepper spraying them:

The boy was later released to his mother after being taken in and treated.

This will be all over the news tomorrow as the newest case of ‘police brutality’…

If the kid is old enough to drink, he’s old enough to get arrested. That was a mob you saw there. Every one of them should have been arrested and charged with assault. That was a violent attack on the police, no doubt about it. But did you hear about it in the news? Nope, other than racist cops were attacking a poor, innocent black teenager – again. They are lucky they only got pepper sprayed; they could have easily been shot and I would not have blamed those officers in the least. Watching the confrontation, I thought they were going to really hurt those police officers over this. It is getting much, much more violent out there and chaotic. All according to plan. The police did exactly what they should have done and were far more restrained than I would have been. That was nothing less than a mob of racist thugs. The center does not hold.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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