Let’s Help This Guy Get The Money He Needs To Get These Keloids Removed from His Face

Folks, we have the opportunity to help a man make his life a whole lot easier and all it will take is a few dollars or spare change–something we all could spare–and if enough of us chip in we can really change this man’s life.

Keenan Patton is by all respects a normal looking 31-year-old man. Except in one respect. On both sides of his face are these huge lumps of flesh, a skin condition called a keloid.

This is no Internet trick, this is a real man who could use our help — and you can do that right here: http://www.gofundme.com/kpattkeloidremoval

He has set up a GoFundMe page at Keenan’s fund for keloid removal and any help you can lend is appreciated.

Here is how he explains his condition.

Hello my name is Keenan Patton. I am 31 years old and I’m from Chicago, Illinois.

I have a severe skin condition that I contracted from having the chicken pox when I was younger that has altered my overall appearance drastically. My face, head, and other parts of my body have abnormal growths called Keloids which have grown to a substantially large size and have now gotten to a point where they seem to almost be a medical hazard.

I’ve undergone 7 surgeries as well as injections and to no avail have any of them been successful. The reocurrence of them have been somewhat of a strike towards my overall confidence, physical appearance, and health. So I’m asking for any financial assistance that you are able to give because the kind of insurance that I have is out of their particular network that they deal with.

I’ve found the doctor that I want to perform my LAST surgery (Dr. Michael Jones/Keloid Specialist) but there are 2 things that I need to get before I can see him: 1. The surgery is about $25,000 and 2. His closest office is in New York. So to any and all who can possibly help me with this, it would be greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance for you time, consideration, and gift!

Any help at all, folks. If we can help put Mr. Patton’s fund over the top it would be fantastic.

Warner Todd Huston

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