VIDEO: Here’s the Muslim ‘Refugee’ Video That Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

VIDEO: Here’s the Muslim ‘Refugee’ Video That Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

France has simply given the city of Calais to the Islamists in the name of cultural enrichment. They are overrun with 18,000 immigrants at the moment and they are looting, raping and terrorizing the countryside and no one is stopping them. The government and authorities are deaf, dumb and blind concerning the crime and atrocities being committed there daily. The people pretty much act like sheep to the proverbial slaughter. It is monstrous. And this is what Obama is bringing here. If he has his way, all of America will be just like Calais, only worse. This is why the refugee resettlement insanity must be stopped. I hope that if Donald Trump becomes president, he will honor his promise and put an end to this madness before it is too late.


From Allen West:

Remember when the worst case scenario from the refugee crisis was terrorists slipping through the cracks? Boy, did we understate the scope of the problem.

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While terrorists are still undoubtedly slipping through the cracks due to the impossible task of vetting refugees, Europeans are finding that to be the least of their worries. As is the case with immigration, there’s a major problem with the lack of assimilation. A wide cultural divide is not healthy for any population.

The cost of resettlement and providing benefits for refugees is exploding budgets, and for what? As we saw on New Year’s, the crisis is, quite literally, raping Europe.

The following video, provided by Western Journalism, shines some light into what’s really happening in Europe as a result of this crisis, focusing on a refugee camp in France known as “The Jungle.” It’s harrowing.

This video is a must-see. It spells out exactly what is happening not only in France, but across Europe now. The EU is falling to the caliphate. Their budgets are exploding under the burden of these invaders and they were bankrupt before this happened. This is just rushing them faster off the fiscal cliff. Massive terror attacks are sure to be the result of all this. Many, many deaths will occur and the blood of the innocents will be on the hands of all these leaders. They won’t care. It’s a means to an evil end. People will protect themselves however they can and it will be violent and deadly. Welcome to the new world order that is being forced on all of us. What a nightmare.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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