VIDEO: Student Knocks Out His Substitute Teacher

The young thug gave the substitute teacher a concussion with one blow and was lucky he didn’t kill the 68 year-old English teacher. It was a blow worthy of the Knock Out Game seen across the nation and it is the third time this month it has happened at that school in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love – what a shocker. Just another Progressive hellhole – made into a large ghetto by Marxist policies that do nothing but impoverish people and keep them from ever succeeding. No wonder it is so hard to get good teachers – the schools are freaking war zones any more.

From TPNN:

The trend of disrespect that has swept over American schools over the past 30 years continues. Our youth have been highjacked by the “GTA violence culture”, and the negative trends show no signs of reversal. Pewu Johnson, a 68 year-old substitute at Bartram High School in Philadelphia, was knocked unconscious by a single punch delivered by a student after the teacher reprimanded him for inappropriate behavior towards a female student.

This is the third such attack at Bartram High School in the last month. The video, which made it on social media rather quickly, shows the 68 year-old sprawled on the ground, unconscious, And while he is expected to make a full recovery after spending time at a local hospital, he still complains of headaches and neck pain. Johnson said he would be pursuing criminal charges against the student.

The School district spokes-man, Fernando Gallard noted:

“This is a grave concern to us, the student has been suspended. He will be referred for expulsion”

Gallard proceeded to make the point that the recent attacks on teachers are a problem caused by a lack of resources and under-staffing.

It may be partially due to a lack of resources and staffing, but it has more to do with the culture and a lack of morality in society. It also has very much to do with both parents being forced to work outside of the home and the disparagement of religion in America today. I would also like to know where all the money from property taxes, etc. is going instead of towards improving these safety-free zones called schools. God-forbid teachers would be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves… instead they are sitting ducks for gangsters in and outside the walls of our learning institutions. I hope this teacher presses charges against the thug – another argument for not living in cities such as Philadelphia and for homeschooling.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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