Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu CAUGHT Making the ‘Most Ridiculous and Idiotic Statement’

The utter stupidity of evil knows no bounds when it comes to lying politicians such as Mary Landrieu. I predict she will lose in the runoff in December – epically. The Dems can’t distance themselves fast enough from this loser – they have pulled all funding, because she is a lost cause and an embarrassment to them. Mary Landrieu who has served in the state Senate since 1996, blatantly called the voters of her state racist and sexist during this campaign. A state that has elected numerous women to office and has Bobby Jindal as a governor. Now that there will be a runoff, instead of three Republicans splitting the vote, there will be one and all the conservatives in the state are sure to throw their votes behind Bill Cassidy. Landrieu is about to become unemployed and deservedly so.

From TPNN:

Louisiana incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu is in the political fight of her life. She will face her Republican rival Bill Cassidy in a run-off election in December. As a sure signal that she is expected to be defeated, the DSCC has pulled all ads in support of Landrieu ahead of the December run-off.

In what appears to be a move of desperation, Landrieu is attacking Cassidy with new ads and on Twitter in an attempt to paint him as a absentee candidate. Her ad campaign, Where Was Bill, attempts to paint Cassidy as having turned his back on Louisiana. This from a woman who doesn’t even know that the state that she has represented since 1996 is divided into parishes, not counties. This from a woman who was absolutely scorched in a blistering ad that demonstrated how she does not represent the best interests of Louisianans.

Here is Landrieu’s attack on Cassidy regarding Katrina, a tragic natural disaster often used by Democrats to erroneously attack Republicans.

Cassidy, who is a doctor, responded in an epic way.

Your desperation is showing, Senator Landrieu.

I guess Landrieu figured she didn’t lie quite enough in the Jungle Primary runoff. So, she’s doubling down on dirty. She is indeed desperate and currently her opponent is slapping her around like a trout. But sometimes, lying liars step in it as Landrieu just did with Cassidy. Cassidy who is a doctor and helped set up a surge hospital during Katrina barely had to defend himself at all against the mud slinging Landrieu – it is not something he bragged about or campaigned on. But since she brought it up… remind us again who doesn’t represent the interests of Louisiana?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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