What Russell Wilson Just Said On TV During The Post Game And On Twitter Is Huge For Biblical Values In America [Video]

Such a love for God and commitment to the sport can’t help but touch your heart and soul. He had a rough go in the first half, but came back to help the Seahawks win their right to go to the Super Bowl. Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ quarterback, kept his faith in God and his belief in his team and himself in check. They miraculously went from being trounced to winning the game. Wilson was mercilessly attacked on Twitter for his performance in the first half – but even when he turned it around, they found something new to hate about the man – his love of God and his Christianity. Wilson is a humble, God-loving man and haters are gonna hate no matter what. Especially on Twitter.

From Qpolitical:

The Super Bowl is arguably the largest sporting event in America. So it’s no wonder why grown men who get paid millions of dollars to play Football get teary eyed and emotional when their team gets to play. It’s the pinnacle of their professional careers.

Russell Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback, was having one of the worst games possible. He threw a total of four interceptions, and was sacked four times as well! Somehow he stuck it out and staved off any mutiny in the process.

In an incredible series of plays starting in the third quarter the Seahawks came back from 16-0 to win 28-22.

Social Media was already ripping Wilson for his less than stellar performance, but they had a whole new angle to make fun of him when he thanked God for the victory.

He sent out some tweets that were truly heartfelt.

When being questioned immediately after the win Wilson says,

I just believe that God prepared me for these situations. God’s prepared our team too as well.


What a role model for our kids, a great example of humility, giving credit to God for the victory.

Wilson led the prayer for both teams. He is a class act all the way and someone our children can certainly look up to as a role model. In the end, when it is all on the line, all you can do is do the very best you have trained to do and leave it to God. In my experience, it always works out in the end, even when it appears not to. There was no bragging here or screaming hallelujah. There was just a humble athlete who worked his butt off, played an incredible game and gave the glory to God for it. Now, that’s inspirational.

Wilson leads both Seahawks and Packers in a post game sideline prayer.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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