100 Cubans Arrested in Havana Wearing Obama Masks Saying Their Oppression is Obama’s Fault

A group of 100 Cuban protesters were arrested in Havana today by Barack Obama’s new buddy, Communist dictator Fidel Castro. The protesters were all wearing paper Obama masks and were blaming Obama for their plight.

Obama has normalized relations with the murderous Castro brothers yet has not bothered to make one single move to aid the democracy movement in that island nation. Essentially, Obama has publicly sided with the commie murderers who run the country like a massive prison state.

A total of over 100 Cuban dissidents were arrested this weekend, with more than 90 being hauled away on a bus by Cuban authorities on Sunday as they marched through Havana wearing masks of President Barack Obama, demanding the White House pressure Cuba to respect human rights and political freedom.

It is believed that between 50-60 of those arrested are members of the Damas de Blanco (“Ladies in White”) dissident group, composed of mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives of political prisoners. The Damas de Blanco customarily attend Sunday Catholic Mass together in silence, then protest the government with a silent march through Havana (other local chapters do the same throughout the country). The Catholic Church in at least one of these chapters, Las Villas, has demanded the Ladies in White leave the church in order to please the Cuban government.

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The protests this Sunday, however, had a somewhat different flavor. Not only did the Ladies in White protest Raúl Castro’s dictatorship, but also President Obama’s support of the communist regime by triggering a “normalization” process in which Castro will be allowed to do business with American companies, but no demands have been made that his regime conform to international human rights standards. Protesters took to the streets wearing masks of President Obama in protest.

Obama sides with the world’s worst tyrants.

There is far more at Breitbart News, so go take a look.

Warner Todd Huston

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