Jewish Online Mag Decries ‘Jew-Baiting’ Obama Administration

Do you think Obama is hostile to Jews?

One aspect of the Obama presidency least palatable to those not in one of his core constituency groups is his penchant for hostility and dismissiveness toward his critics and political opponents.

This pattern, which was so prominently on display when the president accused Republican critics of his Iran deal of “making common cause” with Iranian hardliners chanting “Death To America,” isn’t just restricted to conservatives, either. Fellow members of the Democrat coalition are often subjected to his ire

The Jewish online magazine Tablet has accused the White House of engaging in “Jew-baiting” and “racial and ethnic prejudice” to slander critics of the Iran deal, including New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The magazine’s editors compared the behavior of the White House to “the kind of dark, nasty stuff we might expect to hear at a white power rally.”

Schumer, a Jewish Democrat, announced on Thursday that he was breaking with President Barack Obama and would vote to oppose the Iran nuclear agreement.

In the editorial, titled “Crossing a Line to Sell a Deal,” the editors of Tablet on Friday asserted that the “White House and its allies shouldn’t need to smear American Jews — and a sitting senator — as dual loyalists to make their case.”

Schumer was reportedly furious when the White House leaked word of his opposition to the Iran deal on Thursday night, in advance of what he had planned to be a Friday announcement. The Tablet piece can be considered part of the pushback.

For the rest of us, a persistent question arises – if you’re Jewish and you care about Israel, why would you continue to support this president?

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