Kevin Jennings Safe School Czar GLSEN Suggested Child Porn Reading List for Students

by Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook and Stop the ACLU:

Kevin Jennings, Barack Obama’s failed “safe school czar” has a recommended reading list for children of all ages. What has been revealed is sick and perverted, and until you read this, you simply cannot image what Jennings recommends as appropriate for school children in this country. I implore you to read and pass it around. Contact Congress, your schools and specifically the White House.

Kevin Jennings

The original heads-up came from Scott Baker, co-founder of and Co-Host of The B-Cast. He sent the following letter to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, and it was passed to me by concerned reader, carolyne.

Maggie’s Notebook has never printed anything like what you will read below. I AM printing it, because America needs to know. If it is not in print multiple times, you will forget it or ignore it. Once you read this, you will not forget. Our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews – all are being targeted. You must implicitly trust your school administration and teachers to know that these books will not enter your neighborhood. It will be wise – no matter how you trust your school system, to go to Board meetings and bring this deviant reading – coming right out of the White House – to those who can do what they need to do.

–-Warning on Content–—

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