Conservative talk radio weekly recap: Nov 30-Dec 4

My new Talk Radio Watch column is now up at WND. Is Rush Limbaugh getting married? Is Glenn Beck the answer to some conservatives’ prayers?

Find out all the latest, listen to Mark Levin‘s real-time commentary on Obama‘s Afghanistan speech, and lots more HERE.

Here’s some stuff that didn’t make it into the column…

“Radio Rancid”: British journalist calls Glenn Beck the “scourge of Barack Obama.” Like most UK journalists, he reports on Beck’s “only in America” story of disgrace, redemption and financial success:  with a snotty combination of envy and loathing.

(And is the sub/copyediting at the Times — of all places — so bad these days that nobody thought to clarify that Beck, a Mormon convert, divorced his first wife before marrying the second? Or did they think it would be amusing to leave readers wondering?)

If you can’t get enough about Glenn Beck, pro, con or simply confused-and-vaguely-terrified, go here, here and here.

Liberals like to mock “flyover country” Americans for not knowing what’s going on beyond the nation’s borders, so it was particularly funny when a far-left broadcaster was stopped at the US/Canada border and had to confess her ignorance about a major upcoming event.

Those old notebook diaries are being phased out — today radio ratings are being calculated by Portable People Meters. But are they “racist”?

Captain Capitalism’s “Talk Radio as Punishment” is another delightful read by that underrated blogger.

9/11 Truther Jesse Ventura disgraces himself on live radio — a scene that was, fortunately, caught on video:

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury. Among many other things, she runs a website devoted to conservative talk radio.)

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