A Morality Tale Warning Against Liberalism

There is an old joke from the Soviet Union that perfectly encapsulates the stupidity, hate, and failure that is modern liberalism… and yes I am saying there is no material difference between American liberals and Soviet communists.

Here is the story:

Once in the Soviet Union Ivan and Mikhail were equals. But Ivan found a cow one day and his life got instantly better. The cow, not Ivan’s wife, pulled the plow, the cow gave free milk to Ivan’s family and his children got healthier. The cow birthed calves that grew to provide meat for Ivan’s table and Ivan sold the meat to others. Soon Ivan seemed like a very rich man to Mikhail.

Finally Mikhail had had enough. He prayed to God that he and Ivan were equal again like they once were. God answered Mikhail’s prayers and told him, “Tomorrow you will both be equal again.”

Mikhail praised God saying, “Thank you God that tomorrow you are going to kill Ivan’s cow!”

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