ACORN Documents Confirm Illegal Partisan Activities

ACORN is forbidden from spending the $millions of our money it receives on partisan politics. But then, it’s also forbidden from taking part in vote fraud. Documents recently discovered in an abandoned Oklahoma City office of Comrade Obama’s old gang confirm what most of us have long known: this criminal organization is partisan to its rotten core, and uses money extracted from taxpayers to elect Democrats, who in turn extract more money from taxpayers. From Oklahoma Watchdog:

A “Power Plan” document begins: “Oklahoma ACORN has been virtually non-existent since its glory days in Tulsa, over 20 years ago. 2007 is Year Zero.”

It continues with a five-year plan to obtain “power”:

“Therefore, the route to power is twofold: First, build powerful city organizations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that can control these municipalities. Second, become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change who controls the state legislature.”

“(W)e will be seen as the force that is making Oklahoma a progressive state in the way that it was 100 years ago.”

“By using this power to win significant changes for working people, by the end of our 5 years, we will have legitimized the progressive takeover of the statehouse and head into 2012 with a real possibility of changing what Oklahomans look for and expect out of their Congressional delegation.”

Under a subsection titled “Politics and Elections,” in 2007 and 2008, ACORN was looking to take over State Senate District 43, which they referred to as “the biggest prize,” in hopes of unseating Republican Sen. Jim Reynolds. This district includes part of Del City, abuts Tinker Air Force Base, and portions of southern Oklahoma City and northern Cleveland County.

The ACORN document notes that District 43’s south half will “prove difficult, with more Anglo, Republican and military families,” while the district’s northern half will “be more fruitful.”

This is how corrupt Democrat elitists compete in the heartland they despise. Conservative legislators are targeted for destruction. ACORN provides the foot soldiers; your tax dollar provides the funding.

As revealed in the documents, ACORN’s partisan activities are hardly limited to Oklahoma:

Those internal documents include a sheet titled “Canvass recruitment rap,” a “script,” directed towards ACORN activists in Houston which says: “Hi, my name is ____. We are hiring Outreach Workers to remind people to get out and vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. One of our team members spoke to you today and you signed up for our intake tomorrow. You are interested in working with us on this important election, correct?”

It continues: “We’re hiring for people to go door to door talking to registered voters in Houston to get out the vote for Barack.”

There is one good thing about ACORN: since it is made up of the lowest dregs of society, its sloppiness and incompetence forces it to rely heavily on the liberal establishment media to cover its trail. With ever more people aware that the dinosaur media cannot be relied on to report anything but Obamunist talking points, ACORN’s cover will continue to be blown.

Their own sloppy ineptitude is bringing them down.

On a tip from J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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