Bipartisan B.S.

Eric Canter says that President Obama hasn’t met with Republicans for four months. So much for bipartisanship. He talks about the health care bill being a “disaster” for the Obama administration.

Just a side note: The Senate has two medical doctors. They’re Republicans. The White House hasn’t consulted the only doctors in the Senate on health care legislation. Think about that.

Yep, the President and Congressional leaders care so much they’re ignoring the experts in their own chambers.

At this point, I say this is a good thing. The Republicans, if they have any survival instincts whatsoever should stay as far away from the Democrats as possible. The health care legislation will be a stinky mess of fail and since they’ve had zero input that shouldn’t be touched with the stank.

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Bipartisanship is overrated anyway. Let the Democrats craft heinous legislation that the majority of Americans hate and let them try to get re-elected. When dim bulb Republicans try to play along with Democrat legislation, they are actually going against the will of the American people. Let the Dems do that on their own.

Think about it: Do Americans want socialized medicine? No. Do Americans want energy taxes? No. Do Americans want to lose their ability to vote secretly and be coerced into being a Union member? No.

The Left’s Trifecta of Doom (TM) is going to put them out of power for a long time. No reason to make it tough for voters and working on “compromises” that the people will hate.

By the way, the only reason a Dem would want bipartisan support for something at this point is political cover–certainly not to make the legislation better. They’d love some token Republicans to go down with them.

I hope the Republicans resist all self-destructive urges.

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