Activists Wear Orange To Protest Gun Violence Or Something

Much like with Earth Hour, leftist activists put on orange for the day (or just the protest) to complain about the high rates of gun violence in mostly Democratic Party run cities

(WTVD) A nationwide movement to end gun violence made its way to the Triangle Thursday.

A handful of state lawmakers stood alongside groups advocating for increased gun safety measures on National Gun Violence Awareness Day at the state legislative building.

Members of the group North Carolinians Against Gun Violence wore orange shirts and handed out orange ribbons in what has also become known as “Wear Orange Day.” The effort launched on June 2, 2015 when a group of classmates wore orange to honor their friend, Hadiya Pendleton.

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Pendleton, a 15-year-old Chicago teen, was shot and killed in 2013. Her classmates started wearing orange because it’s the color hunters wear to protect themselves.

It’s probably not a good idea to maker yourself visible in uber-Democratic Party Chicago, where the gun control laws are numerous and burdensome, yet, has a high rate of shootings.

Sen. Floyd McKissick of Durham County says instances of gun violence at are an epidemic level. He criticized lawmakers for expanding the number of areas where “concealed handgun permit-holders” are allowed to carry.

“Why would you want to encourage [guns] on parks and in playgrounds?” McKissick questioned. “Why would we want to allow people at public universities to be able to carry these guns onto their grounds?”

Because, in the vast majority of cases, it is not concealed carry holders who are shooting people. Nor is those who legally passed a background check. And McKissick should worry about all the gun violence by people who obtained their guns illegally in Durham County, and especially in the city of Durham.

Grassroots NC responded

Each time we’ve expanded concealed carry – be it into parks, restaurants or educational property – gun control advocates have predicted horrific shootings. Each time, they have been wrong.

If those claiming to oppose “gun violence” really want to do so, they should join us in eliminating so-called “gun free” zones which actually attract criminals, sociopaths and terrorists who know they can kill with impunity.

Of course, it’s not just gun free zones, it’s people shooting each other all over the place in Democratic Party run cities. And, of course, these orange wearing Liberals say it is not political. Bringing concealed carry into the mix highlights that it is political. However, it is a rather nebulous movement, which, per their webpage, offers no actual policy prescriptions, other than stop gun violence, wear orange, common sense solutions, and take a selfie. And there are quite a few leftist/anti-gun groups involved.

Instead of disarming law abiding people, perhaps they should go after those who obtain guns illegally and implement serious penalties on them. Perhaps these activists should work more in the neighborhoods where violence in more prevalent, particularly in those Democratic Party run cities with massive gun control.

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