Really? Hillary CLOWNS On Trump For His $5.6 Million For Veterans- But Jokes On Her, Because THIS!

Really? Hillary CLOWNS On Trump For His $5.6 Million For Veterans- But Jokes On Her, Because THIS!

On Tuesday Hillary Clinton continued her onslaught against Donald Trump on his $5.6 million in veterans donations. She complained that he just gave the money when the question was starting to be asked, where it was? But it’s Hillary Clinton. She has her own problems to deal with.


Clinton said Trump does not deserve much credit for the donations.

(Hillary and her husband have only given $70,000 to veterans from their controversial foundation.)

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“In January, Donald Trump skipped a debate to hold an event at which he boasted they had raised $6 million for veterans charities and organizations, including a $1 million personal donation from Trump himself,” the Clinton campaign said in a statement. “After securing the headlines he wanted, it became clear that Trump had not actually delivered on his claims. Under mounting pressure after months of dodging questions about where the money had gone, lying, and failing to follow through on his own $1 million promise, he is set to finally answer those questions.”

The statement added, “Trump will surely brag, as he always does, about his supposed generosity and appreciation for our veterans, but nobody should be fooled by this stunt, only completed under immense pressure. The truth is, throughout this campaign and his entire career, he’s shown veterans an incredible amount of disrespect.”

I can’t believe I’m defending one candidate that I don’t like, against another that I despise…but did Donald Trump help raise millions for Veterans charities? Yes, although it took people asking where the money was, in order for it to happen. Did he give it to them? Yes. Great, done.

I see her point, but where is Clinton’s moral high ground? Unlike Ted Cruz, she actually IS crooked. She sickens me to no end. How in the hell, does Hillary Clinton, become the Democratic front runner for the 2016 election? She. Is. HORRIBLE!

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