Anti-War Hiroshima A-Bomb Book Caught With Multiple Fictions

When it debuted the left instantly hailed it as an anti-war masterpiece. The book “The Last Train from Hiroshima,” a popular history of the WWII A-Bomb drops on Japan, quickly accumulated much acclaim. This was “gleaming” wartime history according to The New York Times. It was so poignant and solemn that moviemaker James Camereon was said to be considering making a movie based on the book. It wasn’t long, though, before major questions about the veracity of the tale were raised.

The author of the book, Charles Pellegrino, used the experiences of at least three participants in the bombings at important junctures in the book. He reported the experiences of one of the U.S. airmen that was aboard the Enola Gay as well as two European Jesuit priests that were living in Hiroshima during the bombing.

But now comes the admission from the author that two of these three people don’t even exist, and a third lied about his service on the Enloa Gay casting doubt on Pellegrino’s whole endeavor.

Pellegrino, it appears, is an expert at making things up. Besides that he is a long established science fiction author — which attests to his well-developed imagination — he also seems to have invented his own university degree from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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The AP reports that no one can find any proof of this degree the author has repeatedly referenced.

Pellegrino’s own background was also questioned. He sometimes refers to himself as Dr. Pellegrino, and his Web site lists him as receiving a Ph.D. in 1982 from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. But in response to a query from the AP, the school said it had no proof that Pellegrino had such a degree.

so much for The New York Times’ Dwight Garner’s calling this a “sober authoritative book” on the evils of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings!

So, once again the left is fooled into hailing a fiction. One wonders if they ever get tired of being taken because they never seem to do any background checking on their too-good-to-check tales travels so well on their ideological track.

One would think that the left would at least try to vet their sources. Ah, but then one remembers Walter Duranty and one realizes that the left never has much cared about truth but have preferred their carefully wrought fictions in order to excuse their ideological musings.

Let it never be said that the left will let the truth get in the way of a good story!

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